Giving Thanks: Week #2 (decorating delights)

Welcome to week #2 of Giving Thanks...Novo Decor Co. style.  Last week's post contained the "biggies"...the things in my life I am MOST thankful for.    This week I'm shifting gears a all the decorating delights that I am thankful for!    These decorating delights make me SUPER excited and giddy!   I will actually wake up extra early just to do some of these things....that's how much I love them, and that's why I'm thankful for them!   You'll see links on this list....those are blog posts I wrote on that very topic.   I bet you can think of a thing or two; decorating-related, that you are thankful for, right?   Ok! Enough chatter.  On to my list.....

Week #2: Decorating Delights

1.  Styling an empty bookshelf:     This is one of the most fun things I can possibly do within the realm of decorating.  Bookshelves are like white canvas.  They are completely bare and without life.  When you place decor on them, they can totally change the look and feel of any room.  I love styling bookshelves.   See how I do it here:  5 Simple Solutions for a Bookshelf that Pops

2.  Filling old picture frames:   Making new wall art with old frames is right up there with bookshelf styling.  Have you ever ordered art on-line, or purchased art at a show?  Many times it doesn't come with a frame, BUT, you can find your own thrift shops!  These old frames are even better than newly purchased ones!  They have character!   Putting a "new" photo up on the wall using a beautiful old frame is simply awesome.  I love filling old picture frames with art!  See more by clicking on this link:  Five Dollar Wall Art in Ten Minutes

3.  Making a gallery wall.   If ever I have a bare wall, thoughts of gallery walls dance through my head.   Even though a gallery wall on every wall in my house would be visual overload,  I cannot avoid at least visualizing the potential of one on a wall!  Gallery walls are wonderful for so many reasons.  It is fun to create themes for these walls.  Hey!  I could make one themed, "Giving Thanks".  See what I mean?  I cannot stop.  For details on making one yourself see:  So you have a gallery wall hanging method but now what? 

4.  Spray Painted Decor:   I have witnessed first-hand (many times!) how ANY decor can be transformed with a little spray paint.  Now this doesn't mean spray painting ALL of your decor.  In fact, I have to be careful to ensure I do not "overspray" items in a single room.  With spray paint, a little goes a long way!    I try to refrain and allow myself to douse only 2 items or less in spray paint, per room.  Used too much, it loses its awesomeness.   I have spray painted bookends, holiday figurines, frames, vases, and can probably list about 10 others!   To see examples of spray painted decor go to: 5 Simple Ways to Add Gold To your Home

5.  No Sew Window Treatments:  Along with my goal to acquire decent carpentry skills, it is my goal to become a sewer.   I am not a sewer.  Never have been.  Don't even own an old sewing machine collecting dust in my basement.  BUT, I bring good tidings to those of you who join me in "no-sew" land.   Here's a secret:  glue gun (yes, I've actually made a small curtain using my glue gun, and you know what? It turned out AWESOME).  Success probably depends on the fabric used, but it worked for burlap! Using a blast of hot glue, I was able to make the tab for the curtain rod.    If you have any non-sew secrets, please do tell! 

And there you have it.  Five simple decorating delights that I am thankful for.  What are your decorating delights?   It's all about the simple things that make decorating so great.  It doesn't have to be time consuming, or complicated, but I do believe it should be enjoyable.  If it's not enjoyable for you, I'm your gal.       

So here's to all of our decorating delights this week....and always!