Giving Thanks: Week #3 (paint colors)

Here we are....already starting week #3 of Giving Thanks; Novo Decor Co. style!   I kicked off the series a couple weeks ago with the "biggies", or the things I'm most thankful for.  Then I switched gears a bit with week 2 "decorating delights" and now week 3, paint colors!  Today'spost highlights some great paint colors I want to share with you.  It can be helpful to know color names, because often we see a color and like it, but then later cannot find it or quite seem to match it!   When I popped open each of these paint cans, I gasped with admiration and then of course I proceeded with my happy dance!   I think you would do the same!  Really! 

So here are a few colors I've grown to know and love.....

1.  Ultra White:  by Behr.   This is a great white for any wall or piece of furniture.  It is clean and crisp.  No yellowish tints.  No "purply" tints...(you know when a white is SO bright that it almost appears purple-ish?)   Well, not this color.  I have used it on walls and on furniture.  It is a beautiful rich white hue.   Try it! 

2.  Smooth Stone:  by Glidden   This is a beautiful and versatile gray. Depending on how the light reflects, it may appear a light khaki color.  I have used this on walls....and furniture!   I was first introduced to this hue on a blog I follow.  It was showcased on someone's living room wall, and I loved it.   


3.  Hot Pink: by Behr.  This is a fiesty pink.  The first time I used it was on the interior of a large piece of furniture; a liquor cabinet.  Here's the hue: 

This is a fun color, not to mention a bold color.  If you try it, remember you will likely need at least  4 coats of paint for complete coverage.  In my experience bold colors often need extra layers!   

4.  Tealy Turquoise:   This is my own concoction which I mixed for a cedar chest a while back.  I had tons of darker blue and bright green paint left over from another project, so I mixed them and the result was a great tealy turquoise.  See "tealy turquoise" below:

5.  Ecros Pink:   This is a unique pink hue.  It seems to have a coral tone to it in certain lighting, but it definitely still passes for pink.  I recently did a dresser in this color and it really is a beautiful pink.  If you want pink, but hot pink isn't quite it,  ecros pink might be the hue for you. Here is a look at Ecros Pink: 


6.  Impulsive Purple:  The name of this color is an indication of its boldness!  I used the color on a desk, along with neutral colors and wood tones and it turned out beautifully.  You might not be brave enough to paint a wall this color, but would you consider trying it on a piece of furniture?   You don't need a ton....but then again wouldn't it be fun to paint an entire piece this hue?   


And those are my top six paint colors that I am thankful for!  Did any of these hues inspire you?  Have you tried a new paint color?  I'd love to see it!  Send me a picture at, or share it on my facebook page!         

To see more of the pieces mentioned in this post, just enter key words like "purple desk", or "white table"  in the search box below: