15 Minute Halloween Decor (for the non die-hard Halloween decorator)

Greetings.  I am definitely not a "die-hard" Halloween decorator or even a costume person.  At all.  We are lucky if we get our pumpkins out a week before Halloween, or have at least one decoration in the house during the month of October that is scary or "Halloween-like".  In fact, I don't remember the last time I purchased a new costume for my kids.   I prefer to create them out of things we already have in the house, or go thrifting for them!  Hmmmm....that sounds a lot like my decorating and home styling!  

Today I am sharing a super easy and fun Halloween decorating "craft" you can do with your kids, students, friends, or solo during your favorite Netflix series....that's how easy this is! Minimal brain activity required and pretty cute results.   I'd like to be able to say this is an original idea of mine, but it's not.  And, sadly I cannot give credit where credit is due, because I deleted the pin from my boards and cannot locate it amidst the sea of Halloween DIY's on Pinterest!  So if the originator of this idea is reading this, you are a genius!  And we thank you!  


Glass jars of different sizes

Colored/white tissue paper & scissors

Mod Podge ( Elmer's glue and water mixed works great.  Plus if you have kids you probably  have like 7 of these half-full bottles of glue around your house. Score!)

Foam brush (any type of brush really)

Permanent marker


1.  Cut your tissue paper into small pieces or strips a few inches wide/long.   

2. Hold the tissue paper against the jar, and "paint" your mod podge onto the tissue

3. Cover the entire jar, overlapping the tissue

4.  Let dry.

5.  Draw scary faces onto your jar using permanant marker

6.  Place a tea light in your jar

THAT'S IT!  Plain and simple.   You can use other glass items besides traditional jars.....I had a square shaped vase and used bright green tissue paper for a "Frankenstein" head.  It was pretty cute.    You might also have a slew of those short stumpy round vases often used for floral arrangements/deliveries.  These work great for pumpkins, using orange tissue paper. 

Another great use for these "lanterns" is for window display.  Group them in your front window or place one in each window for your quick and easy treating-or-treating night decor.  You don't have to be a "die-hard" Halloween decorator, but with this simple decor tip you're sure to look like one!   

Happy Halloween