My fool-proof, no-measure method for hanging a Gallery Wall

This week we're covering those all too familiar empty walls, and how to accessorize them with galleries.  I shared tips and tricks for accessorizing your wall in yesterday's post. If you missed that you can see it HERE. 

We've all had that huge empty wall somewhere in our home, at one point or another.  Today we're diving in to the meat and potatoes of hanging your gallery.....but be sure and tune in all week for more on wall accessorizing....with a fun customer REVEAL on Friday!!! 

I bet you didn't know that gallery walls can be done without even measuring.  Well, they certainly can friends!  And, you're learning how

My simple, fool-proof, (no measure!) method for hanging your gallery wall   

1.  Grab some old wrapping paper you won't use.  Wrinkled and bent is OK.   

2.  Cut the paper the same size as the wall area where you want your gallery.   

3.  Get the items you want to hang and start placing them on the paper in different locations.  Do this until you get the arrangement you like.  

4.  Take a picture of your arrangement ( You will need this later!). 

4.  Put pen marks on the paper where the picture hangers are for each picture/piece.  (like you would if you were marking the wall for your nail holes).  These marks are where your nail will go when you are ready to start hammering.  

5.  Place the paper against the wall and tape all four corners to secure it in place.  

6.  Grab your hammer and start hammering your nails into the pen marks.

7.  Remove the paper from the wall and starting hanging your pictures.  This is where your  photo comes want to remember what your arrangement was.  Huge time saver! 

That's it!  Seven easy steps to completing your wall.  And no numerical problem solving/tape measure AT. ALL.  Who doesn't love that part?   And remember, gallery walls are temporary!  If you don't like what you see, then re-arrange until you're happy with it.  And, you can change them as often as you like; taking out things you're bored with and replacing with "new" items.  

Here are two gallery walls hung using the wrapping paper method:

Next time you notice that huge empty wall in your house, consider a gallery wall!  And don't let the task intimidate you.  There are no rules.  It's your home, and your story.  So, get out those great pictures and memories packed away in storage, think outside the box with the items you choose, and display it all for an awesome, eye-catching wall!  You won't regret it! 

Coming up tomorrow.....the "Man Wall".   Is there a man in your life with tons of sports memorabilia like pictures, autographs, and other wall-worthy sports memories?  Then don't miss tomorrow's post!  Get ideas for displaying that "stuff" gallery-style! 

Not sure how to pull your gallery together on that HUGE wall of yours?  I'd love to help......