4 ways to bring black accents into your holiday home

Our homes can communicate our emotions, without a word spoken. In the spirit of the holiday season, it's fun to go big with home decor, accessories, and color.  And it's the perfect time to try new colors; colors you might not use any other time of the year.   Today we're talking about the color.....


There was a time when I had quite a bit of black decor.  Over the years my style evolved, and then I turned to light and bright.  I did away with the black.    I am finding myself drawn to the color again!

Here are some simple ways to add a punch of black, a classic hue, to your holiday home! 

4 simple ways to bring black into your holiday home

1. Chairs 

Do you have old wooden chairs? Are your kitchen or dining chairs dated?  Get out the black paint (or spray paint!).  Since chairs typically get plenty of traffic; priming is important.  NOTE: If you spray paint, do it outside or in a well-ventilated (and well-covered ) area.

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

There is something so classic looking in black and white for the holidays!

2.  Textiles (pillows, tablecloths, curtains, blankets)

When I found this awesome polka dot tablecloth in black and white I did the happy dance! Disclosure:  it isn't a "real" tablecloth, but if you know me, you know I love an accessory that serves multiple purposes! This "tablecloth" will be a stunning back-drop for a bold holiday floral arrangement.....and a little gold accent here and there.  Ooooh... I'm feeling the holiday vibe just talking about.it! 

holiday tablecloth.jpg

3.  Rugs

Have you been out shopping lately?  Black/white, and black/cream patterns are everywhere.  If pattern is a little scary to you, try it first in a black/white or black/cream color combination.  A small throw rug in your kitchen, your bedroom, foyer, or bathroom is all you need.

The thing about black and white patterns is that they can be totally wild, but don’t have to take center stage (because two colors is all you’re dealing with).  If pattern is overwhelming to you, starting with a black and white, or black and cream pattern is a good idea.

Then, throw some Christmas greenery or colors in the mix  and you've got a classic, holiday decor scheme that is sure to get noticed.  

These rugs have the power to add a classic, yet edgy touch to a holiday home:  

Now imagine a beautiful evergreen adorned in lights and ornaments, in the same room as a rug like one of these!   Gorgeous.  (rugs above from West Elm)

4.  Decor

Any decor you have (whether old or new!) is fair game for the holiday season. We tend to put away items when the holiday season arrives, thinking it all has to be festive and "holiday-appropriate". The time we spend doing this adds up!  A simple solution is to use the same decor items all year-long.  Choose several pieces to do this with, or all your decor.  Just add the seasonal accents as appropriate! For example....

I used this black vase with gold accents in the fall, and during the Christmas season, I can also use it....by simply replacing the gold floral arrangement with a holiday-like arrangement. 

Black is a classic, timeless color that compliments so many other colors, and adds depth to any room.  Try black in your home this holiday season.....I promise it won't disappoint!  

Are you using black this holiday season in your home?  Thinking about it?  Post a photo in the comments directly onto this post, or at the  Novo Decor Facebook Page

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