Do-It-Yourself Holiday Decor Gone Bad: Live & Learn

Are you one of many who've tried a DIY project, only to discover that it was WAY too time consuming and not as awesome as you had hoped?  I certainly am.  I do not consider myself a crafter, but once in a while I will try and make a seasonal decoration.   I found this idea on Pinterest a couple years ago (I apologize I do not have the source), but there are many like it out there.   It appeared to be a simple, straightforward kind of project that didn't require sewing.  So, I grabbed the glue gun and went for it.  Here are the stats: 

The project:  An ornament covered wreath  

Time required: FOREVER  

Injuries sustained: Several  ( I have a love-hate relationship with glue guns!)

Outcome:  A partially completed wreath that cannot be hung 

The stats don't look great do they?  For someone who is patient and can handle a glue gun, this would have been a great outcome, but for me it was a bit on the tedious side, therefore I never finished it.  Too many ornaments, so much glue, and so much time involved!  Here it is:

I do love the colors and the different shapes of the ornaments, but I just couldn't stick with it. I thought I was being smart by shaving off some time and not completing the back/sides.  Surely no one would see that part.  I was wrong.  As you can see in the photo above, the foam backing is very visible when the wreath is viewed from the side.    Shoot!   A good concept it was,  but a short-cut; and I've learned short-cuts aren't always the answer!  

There are so many holiday project ideas it can make your head spin!  If you've had a DIY flop, don't give up!  The fact that you tried something means you have it in your blood!  Some attempts are successful; others aren't.  It can be fun and actually quite therapeutic to work on a project and see results (when the project is enjoyable and NOT a flop!).  

Get in touch with your creative side this holiday season!  Grab some supplies, your kids or friends, and see what your creative juices come up with.   Maybe an ornament filled wreath is in your near future?!    

Happy Friday and as always, "Thank you" for checking in! 

On deck for next week:  

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