5 easy steps to festive decor

Who doesn’t love quick, and easy holiday decorating tips? Today I'm sharing easy steps toward a no-”fluff” festive home. And the best part is you can do this using items you already have on hand.   (Is there any other way to decorate?) 

Creating an inspiring holiday home can be simple.  And, it can be done resourcefully in these 5 easy steps:

No-nonsense Holiday Decorating Tips

1.  Use baskets, crates, antique trunks......basically anything you have that could potentially hold something festive inside like greenery, ornaments, wood for the fireplace, etc.   Throw in a holiday napkin or place mat for a festive edge! 

2.  Remove items that have a summer-y or "spring-y" vibe, and replace with holiday decor like fresh (or artificial) greens

Below, a rustic box and vases that once displayed summer florals, now house an arrangement of festive greenery and reds for timeless holiday accents. 


3.  Switch out the current photos in your frames with holiday photos

A floral picture in the white frame was replaced with modern Christmas trees using Scrapbook paper cut into triangles. Easy and super cute!

A floral picture in the white frame was replaced with modern Christmas trees using Scrapbook paper cut into triangles. Easy and super cute!

This one might be the best kept secret for fast, cute, and modern holiday wall art without breaking the bank!  I admit I am somewhat obsessed with picture frames, but THIS my friends, is why! You can create instant holiday art by removing what you currently have in a frame,  and replacing it with something as simple as your favorite holiday gift wrap!  

Or, take it a step further and create a festive holiday gallery wall using a grouping of frames!   

"I don't have time to remove pictures from frames!"

I get it. If that sounds like you, then do this:  Remove a picture from the wall, and replace it with a wreath, or anything festive! Zero need to create additional nail holes.  We are all about simple, here!  

Speaking of simple.....here's another super easy step toward making your house FESTIVE.....

4. Find a large twig or fallen branch from the yard....and hang some ornaments on it!  Beautiful! 

4.  Add simple holiday touches to existing decor

The existing frame collection above became instant "Christmas" with the addition of a couple festive accents like the small wreath, and the red vase/greenery.  Pops of red, and greenery are so simple, yet add such a festive touch.  

Turning your non-holiday decor into festive and fun holiday accents makes some of the best holiday decorating.  Look around your house, (or dig through those Christmas boxes) and see what you can use!  How can you make your decor Christmas-ready?  

With the long Thanksgiving weekend ahead, it's not too early to start getting your holiday decorating ON!!!!

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