Rock your holiday table using staples you already own

Holiday season means guests in your home.  Or, maybe you travel and you are the guest. Either way, someone has the task of preparing a holiday table. 

Here are 3 different ways to dress up any table for the holidays, using only 4 simple staple items! You probably have all 4 staples, and you most definitely have a table.  That means you're one step closer to your table of holiday awesomeness.  

The Staples 

1.  Table cloth 

2.  Table runner 

3.  Evergreen trees (or centerpiece of your choice)

4.  An additional piece of fabric (half the size of your full table cloth) 

3 simple and classy holiday table arrangements: 

Table #1:

A burlap runner is placed over a black and white polka dot tablecloth. Three evergreens complete the look.  Simple. Classy. 

Table #2:

Add a plaid piece of fabric, and place under the runner.  Now, there's a pop of color.  You really can't go wrong with a classic plaid for the holidays. Why not adorn your table with it?

Table #3:

Now, we've eliminated the burlap.  This is still a great table without it.  The plaid fabric was folded the long way, and now runs the length of the table.  

If the plaid fabric was large enough in these pictures, it could also serve as the main table cloth, with the polka dot fabric as the table runner.  Either way! 

Creating a holiday table can be simple, using just a few staple items you might already have! Look at your table cloths, cloth napkins, and any other fabric you have (yes, you CAN use bed linens!) What pieces can you use on your holiday table this year?   How can you layer them? Then, add your favorite table center piece....and you're done.

See more holiday decorating tips at Novo Decor (website) or on Facebook.  Experiment with items you already own for a fun, eclectic holiday home! 

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