5 Quick Tips: Your 2015 Holiday Home

With Christmas and New Year's lurking around the corner here are 5 quick and easy tips for a spruced up, holiday home!  Don't have time?  Enlist your kids or young family members to help out by finding these items below (that part is the most time consuming!). 

These 5 tips require little to no prep work at all (except for maybe the "classy garland", which at most, would take about 20 minutes or so.  That all depends on how long you want your garland to be!   

5 Quick Tips for your 2015 Holiday Home!

Classy Garland:  Cut 1 inch wide strips from old book pages, length-wise.  Create a ring by gluing or stapling the ends together.  Continue to loop one ring onto another until you have the length you desire!  Use it for your tree, your serving table, your dining table, around a doorway, or hanging from your mantle! They are beautiful….and classy!

Striking Throw Pillows:  use pillows from other rooms of the house for your couch and chairs.  Pillows add a punch of color….not to mention they are great for post-dinner cozy time!  No fun or colorful pillows?  You can use old throw pillows and purchase pillow covers for them. Hobby Lobby & Target have them in a million colors and styles!

Magnificant Rugs:  Haul out any un-used rugs you have!  Color, pattern, and texture add holiday cheer and warmth to your home.  Next time you’re out shopping, grab a little rug or doormat for some holiday style!

Pretty Dishes:  Get out your serving bowls, platters, and cute dishes because now is the time to display them! Make them even better by filling them with goodies!  These are the dishes you haven’t thought about using all year long. Now is their chance to show off!

Awesome Aroma:  Candles and other types of scent products (like “plug-ins”) are a necessity!  There is nothing better than a delicious aroma while waiting for your guests to arrive, or relaxing at home. Cooking/baking aromas are also winners too!


Merry Christmas & Happy 2016!