Decorating challenged? Unfinished room? You need a coach!

October has gotten off to an exciting start.  I am offering FREE home coaching session all month!  These are 30 minute, no-pressure, home decorating sessions that will give you tips on what to do with that room you want to "re-do", or freshen up!   Though I am passionate about decorating spaces, it's also about how these spaces inspire home-owners (you!) and evoke an even stronger love for home! 

Each home-owner is unique, just like each design plan.

How do you know if a home coaching session is right for you?

If you own a home, you are a candidate!   The best part is, IT'S FREE.  

When people ask me about my business, the topic of homes naturally comes up.  Here are some common scenarios I hear: 

quote one.png
quoate three.png

These are statements from home owners who need support in the form of concrete ideas, and direction.  They have a genuine desire to make their home look nice, but they face obstacles with decorating.  Maybe they need help with ALL facets of decorating, OR, maybe it's just an area or two they need help with?  Are you that home-owner?    

How about the home owner that generally does a nice job decorating, & implements new ideas, but needs encouragement?   This home-owner might be stumped with a particular room in the house, and wants additional suggestions for getting it done once and for all.   Does this sound like you? 

And the list of home-owner types goes on! The point is that each home-owner is unique.  There is no cookie cutter guide that fits every home, or every home-owner.  Room plans need to be customized to each unique home-owner's needs.  My coaching sessions are designed to do just that. 

The session itself

Have a notebook/pen ready and take notes to your heart's content, because I will be sharing ideas, tips, tricks, and suggestions for your room (s)!  Your questions will be answered. Your dilemmas will be solved.  The 30 minute session will give you just what you need to tackle that room (or rooms!) before the busy holiday season.    

FREE. FAST. FUN. FINISHED (or well on your way to finished!).  

Don't wait to schedule your session!  I really hope to meet you, and help you GET IT DONE! 


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