Must-haves for a fresh, inspiring home office

Thinking about re-vamping your home office? Then this post is for you! Novo Decor is back on the blog with another decorating endeavor to share. Last week I had the great honor of bringing a home office to life. The basics were already in place; including a neutral wall color, area rug, and bookcase. The home-owner planned to get rid of her old desk, and replace it with a new one for her brand-new office space. I provided ideas from on-line sources, and she selected a basic white, L-shaped desk for the room.

before 4.jpg

I love L-shaped desks because you can position them so many ways, creating a new look each time.

Here is the new L-shaped desk before the make-over:

new desk.jpg

It fits in that corner perfectly!

Every home office needs a functional desk, or working surface.

2.. Bookcase or cabinet

An office also needs a piece of furniture for storing items, and/or displaying them. The bookcase in this office holds a large printer, books, plants, and other business related items. Bookcases with hidden storage are great for eliminating visible clutter, which no office wants! Here is the bookcase before the make-over:

Note the arrangement of books according to color. Love that!

Note the arrangement of books according to color. Love that!

3. Area Rug

If you have hard wood floors, hard-wood laminate, or tile in your home office, consider adding a rug for color, texture, and comfort. When you’re working at your computer, your feet will feel great resting on a soft rug. It will look great too.

The home-owner had a vintage-ish area rug in various blue shades (navy-ish, light teal, a touch of gray) all set to go for the room’s new look. I used the rug as inspiration for colors and accessories.

The rug can be seen in the photos above. Sorry, should have taken a close-up!

4. Wall Accessories & other decor

Every office….no wait….every room MUST have accessories. Picture, pillows, and plants will instantly add color, personality, and whimsy to your space! Who doesn’t want to work in a room that inspires, and invigorates the senses?

I used a mix of pictures, and frames for the walls, bringing in gold, and a pop of color to the space. The home-owner already had that great little wall shelf, which i used as the focal point in this gallery wall:

IG One.jpg

And of course, a Novo Decor room wouldn’t be complete without a globe! I just realized last week, that I think every room I’ve decorated has a globe in it. I just love the look a globe adds to any space.

I also added a simple white bench, and threw some fun pillows on it, for extra seating. Now, the home-owner’s husband can sit in her office, and visit with her, while she works (or not!)


Another great accessory are baskets. They work well underneath benches, and other areas fill dead space. Choosing baskets of varying sizes, heights, and shapes makes it extra interesting.


I didn’t touch the bookcase. The books looked great just as there were, and I left the rest as it was. I hung a mirror that I found at a second hand store. It needed some fresh white spray paint, and a touch of gold (of course!). The gold accents in this office space add a touch of elegance to the space. (gold will never get old in my book)

After Book Case Mirror.jpg

I left the three-shade floor lamp, as it provides good lighting in the room, and I like its black base and white shades.

After Desk.jpg

All the pieces came together to re-create this home office into an inspiring work space that showcases the personality, and style of the home-owner. After I completed the space, it just seemed to speak the home-owner’s language. It seemed to just be…….her! I told her that, and she said……

“Honestly, I didn’t know what my style was until I saw this”. Woohoo! Love a good story ending.

Now for the BEFORE/AFTERS….


Before 1.jpg


After 1 Best.jpg


before 2.jpg


IG One.jpg


before 3.jpg


After Book case.jpg
IG Two.jpg
IG One.jpg

Whether you work out of your home in a home office or not, I think most of us can agree that having a space in the home designated for the computer, files, paperwork, and other “stuff”, really can be life-saving! Having a space that actually inspires us to work? A space we really want to be in? Well, that’s the game-changer, and the FUN part.

How does your home office look these days? Cluttered? Uninspiring, or hard to work in? I’d love to help.

THANK YOU Emily! Such a please doing this for you. Now your office is super fun, just like YOU!

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