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Greetings readers and welcome to my monthly blog series featuring home owners and their awesome rooms! The first blog post in this series was published last month. If you missed that, you can see it at this link: www.novodecorco.com/blogposts/homewithkatieandscott

For the month of May, I am featuring a bedroom, chosen by its proud owner and decorator extraordinaire, Chloe!  Chloe's mother Angie, is a friend of mine.  She also happens to be the creative behind Gathered & Sown, designing and creating leather handbags & accessories! (check her out: www.gathered-sown.com).  So, it is no surprise that her daughter Chloe has a knack for design and decorating!  When I first marketed this new blog series, Angie said, "My daughter loves to decorate!", and I said, "Well then...let's get her on the blog!"  

I stopped in to see Chloe's room last Saturday morning.  Chloe is in 7th grade and loves to decorate!  She was happy to have her room featured on the blog and she had everything in place....styled perfectly!  I asked some questions and here are her responses:

1.  Why did you choose this room?  Because I liked the character of the room.

2.  How did you determine the color palette for this room? I always liked the way that gold looks in rooms  (the girl knows her stuff!). I really like the gold, gray and crisp white color scheme in  Chloe's room! 

3.  Is there something in this room that tell your story?  Chloe said that wherever she goes shopping, she always sees stuff that she likes.  Chloe's room definitely tells a story.  There are signs with the word "love", her favorite gold accents, and a couple different sitting areas that are very functional!  She has a cute desk area, and a comfy couch in the corner.   I would have loved to have a couch in my room at that age!  Lol. 

4.  Why did you choose the furniture and accessories you did for this room? "I like the style of all the accessories." 

5.  How much time have you spent making this room appear as it is now? "About a year and a half".  (See #7 below!)

6.  Do you have any future plans for this room?  If so what? "I want to add pillows to my bed".  Throw pillows are a necessity in any room!  They add color, texture, and character. 

7.  Has anything been particularly challenging about styling/decorating this room?  "The only thing is it took awhile."  Chloe's got that right!  Styling a room and making it your own, is an ongoing process.  Styling an entire home?  Well, that takes years.  Decorating doesn't happen overnight, nor would we want it to!  Adding pieces you love to a room over time, makes it extra special. 

8.  How does this room make you feel? Chloe stated, "It always puts me in a good mood when I get home."  Chloe's words are exactly what a space should do!   Our living areas can and should make us feel great, and one way to do that is to create a space that contains the things we love! 

Chloe's room contains a number of great design elements.  From it's rich gold walls and accents, to crisp white bedding and plenty of texture throughout the room (the gold "puff" ball, throw pillows, bedding, and window panels), this is a room Chloe can be proud of.   A love for decorating is most certainly noted when in this little bedroom! 

Great job Chloe and thank you for sharing your awesome room with us!  

Stay tuned for next month's featured room at Novo Decor,  the Blog.

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