Friday Finds: Hot, chic home decor under $15

Hi there!  It's time for Friday Finds, your weekly guide to finding the hottest, most awesome decor that won't require a second mortgage to finance!  We see "replicas" of high-end home decor and the latest decor trends practically everywhere.  Stores like Target and TJ Max carry a variety of great home decor that won't break the bank.  But did you know these pieces can be snatched up right in your local thrift shops?  

Today I am sharing 3 thrifted items that could pass for decor right out of a home decorating magazine.  It's exciting to uncover these finds, that if placed beside the "real deal" would fit right in.  But knowing what you're looking for can be helpful....especially to the new thrifter.  So, may "Friday Finds" be your go-to guide for finding the hottest, most current home decor, in places you'd never expect!  

Are you ready for the first 3 chic, hot decor items that were "discovered"?  Here they are:

Find #1 Bar Cart

Open up just about any home decorating magazine and you'll see bar carts.  Guaranteed.  They are out there.  Their use is certainly not limited to bar items!  I've used a bar cart for office supplies, cosmetics, and even books.  You can purchase them new at Target for anywhere between $180 to as much as $600!  Or, you can search your local thrift shops and spend $10. 

The bar cart on the left is from Target, and sells for $270.  The bar cart on the right was hand-picked at a local thrift shop  (Goodwill) for $7. 

Find #2 Chair

A plain and simple chair.  In orange.  I needed an orange chair for a project I completed over the winter.  I could hear the angels sing when I spotted this beauty. Stripping and sanding uncovered a modernized version.  In the photo below, you can see the wood frame is a light, natural, and modern version of what used to be a heavy, dark brown wood. The dark brown wood against the orange reminded me of Charlie Brown's shirt, which, needless to say, was not conducive to a chic, modern space!   

Let's do some more comparison shopping. The photo below on the left is a mid-century modern style; a style that has made a huge come-back, and is appearing everywhere.  For some, it never went away!  If you look at both chairs below, you notice their general shape is similar, and both sport a wood frame.  How I love a nice wood against a bold color or fabric!  The chair on the left is from West Elm, which though very lovely, will set you back $699.  The chair on the right: $8 at St. Vincent De Paul. (plus a little elbow grease).

Find #3  Chunky Lamp

Lamps are the most versatile and necessary decor item.  Lamps are crucial for a couple reasons. One, they allow you to see, and two, they add character and visual interest to any room. Plain and simple.  Rooms are not meant to be dark, unless of course it is your bedroom and you are sleeping.  Any room can use a great set of lamps.   Lamps of all shapes, sizes, colors, and even textures are fair game. Lamps with larger, bulkier bases I refer to as "chunky lamps".  Placed individually or as a pair, chunky lamps with drum shades (shades shaped like a drum), are just plain fun, and make a statement.  See below for a comparison between a West Elm table lamp for $209, and a thrifted lamp for $12 (St. Vincent).  Tip: Take note of the condition of the cord and plug of any thrifted lamp.  I would strongly advise against leaving your thrifted lamp on for a week while away on vacation.  Be safe with your thrifted lamp purchases!

Take a browse on-line at what's current in hot home decor.  Go to West Elm, IKEA, Target, or Pier I. Then, embark on your search to find the looks you love.  It's not just about the thrill of the hunt, but what can be done with the treasures once they're discovered.  And, knowing what you're looking for certainly helps!   Hot finds like these are out there, and they are waiting to be discovered!

Tune in next Friday to see more hot decor finds under $15! 

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