The multi-purpose hutch: functional and pretty

If you've ever gone to a second hand store, you've probably noticed that the assortment of furniture is, well.....interesting.  Some pieces look like they belong in rooms with carpeting on the walls, or came straight out of a horror flick. These pieces can be some of the most unsightly furniture we'll ever lay eyes on, but, believe it or not, I'm on the hunt for one of these gems!  

I am currently searching for a hutch with the following features: 

  • 55 inches wide (give or take)
  • buffet surface would be a plus
  • glass doors
  • built in lighting 

If you, or someone you know is looking to part with their giant hutch, I'd love to know!  Click below to reach me by email: 

The multi-purpose (and easily customized) hutch: 

Hutches are highly functional, and update-able pieces that are waiting to be used in non-traditional ways. We typically think of them as a way to display dishes for the kitchen, or dining area, and although gorgeous for that purpose, hutches work in any room of the house.

Today, I am re-posting a story that demonstrates that very concept:  Using a hutch in a non-traditional way.  The customer liked the hutch, but like many of us, immediately thought about her kitchen/dining area and the lack of space to accommodate a piece like this.  What she didn't initially consider, was the fact that she had an entire room not being "lived" in at all.  The space was wasted, and forgotten.  

New Room Reveal: Home Office

Hello everyone!  Thank you for checking in today!  Today's post demonstrates the essence of why Novo Decor Co. exists.  My motto is Use what you have in new ways, and re-create a space accordingly!   I've had a beautiful hutch waiting for a new home all winter.  A handful of people had expressed interest in it, but, the common theme I was hearing was "I just don't have the room for it", "I wish we had more room!" or, "Our wall space is so limited".   That got me thinking......

Have you ever used a piece of furniture in a non-traditional way? For example a coffee table as your kids' lego station, or a dresser as a TV stand?  Thinking outside the box when it comes to our furniture can lead us to some pretty awesome discoveries.   When I think about uses for furniture in non-traditional ways, I almost always end up fixing that "problem" room or space in our home.  Thinking creatively about how you can use your furniture differently, or new locations for your furniture can be a total game changer!  It can also open your eyes up to space you never knew you had! 

On that note, I'd like to share a story about the game-changing experience a customer had when she began to think outside the box!  I was thrilled to help her discover the potential of an unused room in her home, by thinking non-traditionally about furniture....

The initial conversation

I posted this photo of a hutch on Instagram a while back:

A customer commented on the photo, stating she loved the hutch, but had no wall space for it. I asked if she could think of a location in her home that she wouldn't have thought to put a hutch.  I suggested she think of non-traditional spaces and uses for it.  Here's what followed...

The birth of a home decorating game-changer

She thought of an unused room as a potential "home" for the hutch, then went on to make a valid point, "I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   In short, our discussion lead to the styling of the hutch, which she really liked.  She purchased the hutch and everything in it.  

The function and look of the hutch in her "new" living space became clear when she could actually see it prior to making her purchase.  She felt good about her decision to buy the whole thing, and her "problem" room became less of a problem.  

Re-Cap of the home decorating game changer

1.  "Love that hutch, but I have no room for it in my kitchen/dining area"

2.  What other ways could I use the piece? Where else could I put it and get use out of it? 

3. Light bulb moment..... "I'll use it in the home office!"  "But I'd like ideas for styling it"

4.  The hutch is styled, and a picture is sent to her for inspiration and ideas

5.  "I love it. It will work great in my office."  "I'll take the hutch.....and the accessories, also?" Yes. 

The hassle free "shopping" that took place was appealing to this customer. And, she knew exactly what she was getting.  

"I know if I buy the hutch, I won't be able to transform the space like I want and I will continue to have that door shut (office door) and not show off the beautiful piece".   

Since that time, we took it a step further, and the room was completely styled. You can view that at the link below: 

Home office Refresh

Try thinking outside the box with your old furniture! Using pieces creatively and in non-traditional ways can be a game-changer in your home!