Hutch gets total make-over: See the story!

Greetings!  The day has arrived. The final reveal of the giant hutch I've been talking about lately!  It all started back in early January.  Valerie reached out to me and asked if I could find a hutch for her!  Of course I said "YES".  She gave me some specific features she was hoping for, and my search began!   

A hutch search can take anywhere from a single week to several months.  It depends on what you're looking for, and time of year!   Valerie was hoping for something with a buffet surface, doors, and a light inside the display area.    

This is an image Valerie saw on Pinterest that caught her eye. She sent it to me, and knew she wanted the hutch painted in either gray or white.  

image take from Eurofinishes.blogspot via Pinterest

image take from Eurofinishes.blogspot via Pinterest

Novo Decor's Furniture finding service

About 95% of the furniture I paint already belong to my customers.  But, did you know that I can also search for furniture for you?  It's a hassle-free process for you, and all it consists of is you telling me what you're looking for (like measurements, and other features you'd like), and me sending you pictures of potential pieces I find.   Once I have the green light from you, I snatch it up and the real fun begins. 

Finding "THE" one

The winter search was unsuccessful, as winter searches can be (people just don't clean out their homes in winter around here!)  But, once Spring hit, I knew we'd be seeing some great candidates.  And then one day last month, I found it.  When I laid eyes on it, I could immediately hear the theme song to "Dirty Dancing" ("I've had the time of my life") but with the lyrics, "I saw the hutch of her dreams". Really!  And the rest is history.....

Here's how she looked BEFORE:

Pay no attention to the lady in the picture....

Pay no attention to the lady in the picture....

And here she is NOW:

The transformation was a SO fun to share with Valerie and her husband.  They both love it.  And it looks great in their beautiful home.  Valerie chose gray, and it works so well!  And the patterned backing on the hutch really pops. 

Given me hardware!

Valerie was open to ideas for the hardware.  I love the look of old hardware, especially on pieces like this.  I decided to keep the old hardware on this piece.  It did however, receive a major washing before spray painting!  Holy cow do I love using baking soda and boiling water to do this.  You would NOT believe what comes off old hardware.   

TIP:  If you spray paint your old hardware, always clean it first!!!!

A successful ending to a furniture search, and a new friendship (double awesome!) 

And that my friends, is the story of how a hutch was found, and given a total make-over for a customer who knew what she wanted, but had zero time to do the searching.  While I was busy hunting and painting, Valerie was busy being a mom to her three littles and all those other things moms and wives do, and not thinking about a hutch! (though she may have been dreaming about it) 

Now for the fun part.  She gets to style her hutch and store things inside.   I would paint all our furniture just so I could re-style it all!  Seriously. 

Thank you Valerie and Nate!  It was a pleasure re-creating this piece for you!!! 

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