Instagram: A closer look at Novo Decor Co.

Greetings!  In today's post, I'd like to share with you a glimpse of what Instagram is all about....for Novo Decor Co.   Instagram is a form of social media with a focus on photo sharing.   It is a great way to develop an "album" of photos that inspire you!  People who use Instagram use it for photos of their kids, friends, social outings, and other things that interest them.  For me, I love using it to share my projects with you, and provide previews of what lies ahead!   Another great thing about Instagram is that there is a word limit, so you really don't type much at all.  It's all about the pictures....which I love.   

And that's where today's post comes in.......

I love using Instagram because it allows me to tell my story in pictures.  For Novo Decor, it's great because others can view my Instagram photos ("Instagram feed") and immediately gather ideas about what I do, and more importantly, who I am!  

I typically use Instagram for the following purposes:

1.   To provide customers a glimpse of their pieces "under construction". This is a fun way to keep my customers excited and allows them sneak peeks of how their piece is progressing.  

2.  To provide customers/viewers/readers/fans with previews on projects I've done, or am currently working on. 

3.  To communicate my personality by posting photos of things that inspire me, or ideas I have about a topic (usually furniture or decorating related!)

4.  To showcase the furniture I paint

5.  To post photos of my kids! 

If you already use Instagram it's fun to use the photo enhancer, yes?  I sometimes find myself going through all the options just to see how the picture looks!   And, because we aren't all professional photographers, Instagram can sometimes help us out....making the picture we just took a little "prettier".  Not quite the same as a pro! 

If you aren't on Instagram, I highly recommend it!  It's easy.  It's fun.  You can also "follow" people you know who are also on Instagram.  When they post a photo, you get notification and can see what they posted.  Or, you don't have to follow anyone, and no one has to follow you (if you choose!), because you can have a private account all to yourself.   Opening your own account is free.  Just find the Instagram app and follow the prompts.  I don't think you'll regret it!

Instagram has proven to be an asset for me as a creative entrepreneur.  I love documenting my work in photos, and having it available for anyone to view.   I hope you try it out!!!   Go to Instagram and visit Novo Decor! 

If you are on Instagram you can find me at novodecor2015.  If you're not on Instagram, you can still find me....just go to: