Home Decorating Photo Collection: Find me on Instagram

If you're reading this, than you're on Facebook pretty regularly. Great!  I hope you're seeing my "stuff" there, because I post frequently!  Where else can you find Novo Decor?  Instagram. 

My photo collection on Instagram (otherwise known as an instagram "feed"), is a visual representation of what I do.  There you'll you'll see all sorts of photos of behind-the-scenes painting, home decor/accessories, sneak peaks, and decorating reveals.  If you're already on Instagram, follow me!   If you're not on Instagram, you should still be able to view my photos.  This link will take you right to my "feed": 

Novo Decor on Instagram    

Inspiring home owners; refreshing homes

That's Novo Decor's mission!  How do I do that?  In words, this is how: 

I design and re-create rooms, (and furniture) in order to achieve a fresh new look and feel customers want, and love.       

In pictures, this is what that looks like:  


As you browse through my photos, I think (I hope!) you get a feel for my personality, and how it is demonstrated in my work.   People love seeing sneak peeks on projects, am I right?  And it's fun for customers to see the progress on their furniture, or room! 

Here's a quick look at some photos in my Instagram feed....

Interested in starting an Instagram account?  It's really easy, and FREE.  Go to www.instagram.com.   You will need a password and log-in.  As far as I know, you do not need to have an instagram account to view someone's Instagram profile.   

Hop on over to my Instagram "feed" and see tons more photos of all things home, decorating, painting, and DIY'ing.  

One more thing.......Novo Decor does FREE home consultations.  Always.  Have a piece of furniture you'd love to see updated, or need ideas for a room in the house?  Contact me to set up your consultation!!!  I'd love to help. 

Be sure to check in to Facebook regularly for my blog articles!!  Coming up this week: 

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Have a great week,