Mid-Century Modern: Quick Update!

I had high hopes of completing both of these tables by today, however, I feel very good about the progress made this week....Here is a super quick update on where I'm at with them:

White glossy finish:  CHECK

Shiny silver drawers: CHECK

White over-lay on drawers:  CHECK

Shiny silver drawer knobs: CHECK

Blue/white drawer liner:  CHECK 

Shiny silver legs: CHECK

White trim around bottoms of legs:  IN PROGRESS

Polyurethane finish x2 layers:  IN PROGRESS

I am looking forward to seeing the finished tables and returning them to their silver, shiny-loving owner Kara!     It would be fun to see how Kara styles them once they're in her room.....maybe she'll post a few photos for us....

As always, thank you for checking in and have a wonderful weekend!   Until next time.....