School's in! Fun desk ideas for the kids

Here we are, almost 2 full weeks into a new school year.  It's hard to say good-bye to summer, but it's fun looking forward to all that Wisconsin has to offer in fall.  This summer we were on the ball, and tackled cleaning, organizing, and decorating three boys' rooms.  Yes, three boys' rooms! Major undertaking.  

Not only do they each have their own room now, they also have organized desk areas. Today you'll see those results, which will hopefully inspire you to get those designated work areas organized and looking great!

Let's start with desk #1 

I wish I had taken a BEFORE picture of this little desk!  But imagine it in several thick layers of brown paint.  White chalk paint and sand paper to the rescue, for a fresh new look. 

After stripping off layers of paint, I was pleased to see this natural wood surface underneath

After stripping off layers of paint, I was pleased to see this natural wood surface underneath

This is Luke's desk, our first grader.  He loves to sit at his desk and color.  He particularly thinks it's great because his grandma Susan once worked at the same desk!  The desk has handy little open shelving nooks to store supplies, something that makes a decor-loving mom happy. Not only does it look great displaying all that colorful goodness, but it's functional for Luke. 

He has been doing a great job keeping his supplies where they belong, because it's fun to "display" them!   Kids (and adults!) are more likely to maintain order, when their things have a home.  

Another key item for a kids' desk area (or anyone's!) is a bulletin board.  The cork board is genius; important papers in sight at all times, (not on the kitchen counter). Huge bonus. 

Don't forget lighting. There is a ceiling light in Luke's room, but it's not enough for the desk.  A little clamp-on light was all it took.  It's small enough that it doesn't take up any desk space, but provides just enough extra light.  

And lastly, drawer liner.  I couldn't resist adding drawer liner. Obviously this is not a must-have, and Luke probably wouldn't have even noticed either way, but where there is a drawer in this house, there is usually liner....

Desk #2:

Vince is our 9 year old.  His room is a "north woods" theme, as he loves all things outdoors like fishing, hiking, fishing, and fishing!  The kid has a 48 inch musky in his room.  He also has two gi-normous twin size log beds that go in two very specific locations.  So, we needed to maximize the space, creating a desk area to organize all this things.   Here's how:

We used a desk we already had.  I painted it (shocker, I know): 

Then, I found a super cheap shelf.  I painted that also:

I added backing to the shelf using ply board, fabric, and a staple gun:

Then I put the shelf directly onto the desk:

Next up was a bulletin board for the wall, a light for the desk, and all Vince's little "things" to fill the shelves.   

Vince likes his new desk area.  His knick-knacks are now in one place.  He has since added his school reading calendar to the board, but everything else has remained in place!(miracle).  

Our middle school-er's room was in no condition to be photographed. So, I have eliminated the third and final desk area from today's post.  He would rather do the organizing and decorating himself.  I'll take it.   For now, I will savor the moments my younger boys still let me re-arrange (and accessorize) their rooms! 

Immediately after finishing these desks, the house felt lighter, and MUCH cleaner! Since their desks look "cool" now, they are more inclined to keep them that way.   The little "things" have a home, and they can find what they need without tearing through the whole house.   A victory for us all!  

Do you have a desk area in your home? How about your kids?  Where do you keep all those important papers? Kids' school project supplies? 

The school year is still young.  It is never tool late to get these areas organized, functional, and looking great!!!

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