75 year-old girls' kitchenette: Preview

This week it is an honor to begin working on a "family" piece built many years ago, 75 years ago to be exact!  Carla, its owner, used the piece when she was a young girl, and before that it belonged to her mother, Arlene!  It has served multiple purposes over the years, but now, Carla wishes to have the piece refurbished to house her essential oils.  This is the perfect piece for something like oils, as it is small and dainty, like oils are! 

The Piece

The piece is 100% wood, with approximately 7 layers of paint on it.  Maybe 8.  Even a little spray paint in there.  That's ok though, because it means it has received plenty of love and attention all these years!  I've said this many times before, and I'll say it again;  these are the BEST kind of pieces to rescue.  

Below was my first close look at the piece, and as you can see, my toes are doing the happy dance in anticipation for what this little cabinet will become! 

At one time, the piece was used as a planter, hence, the dirt you see in the drawers! 

At one time, the piece was used as a planter, hence, the dirt you see in the drawers! 

How does one begin to tackle a piece in this condition???

Elbow grease!  But an electric sander will help get the job done. While it won't remove every last spec of old paint, it will remove layers, which will provide a much smoother surface to work with. 

After priming the piece, then the fun begins.....

Style & Color 

Carla requested a shabby/distressed style for her cabinet. She wanted color in the room where the piece will be, and found some color inspiration on Pinterest.  We looked at paint samples and she chose "Lakeshore", a beautiful teal hue.

Because I cannot resist taking a photo of a newly opened can of paint, and sharing it with you, a photo of that to come....

But first, some cleaning and prep work....

Stay tuned for sneak peeks on the kitchenette this week!  You can see those updates on my blog, and other social media like Facebook and Instagram!  If you are on Instagram, follow me at www.instagram.com/novodecor2015  

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