Foyer ledge: See how this foyer space was brought to life

Greetings!  A foyer, (aka, entrance to a home) is the first thing we see upon entering our homes.  Some foyers are small, and some are big.  And some foyers have this thing I like to call a "ledge". These are the spaces that loom overhead, and they can be difficult to decorate.   

The problem with ledges

A number of home owners struggle to accessorize spaces like these. So what do they do? Leave them alone!  Sound familiar? Well, there's good abound for these mystery spaces! 

Here is an example of a "ledge" that needed some attention, ok, ALOT of attention: 


This ledge is unusually large right?  It's no wonder it left the home-owner feeling stumped!  Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to dress this space up...and today you're going to see the result. 

Finally a finished ledge AND no work involved for the home-owner?   Suh-weet!!

The result

Now, keep in mind that had I been Peter Pan during the taking of the "after" pictures, the pictures would likely have turned out much better!  Taking pictures on a 2 foot wide ledge was, well.....scary!  Bare with me......


nice full view.jpg
close up rug.jpg

The rug, door, globe, and greenery add a pop of color, and are just what the space needed! 


A space isn't completed without a little pattern and a good dose of texture....

rug and table.jpg

The wall opposite the door (the far right wall in the photo above), was kept simple.  Using a "gold-dipped" painted stool, a colorful hand woven rug (World Market), a simple glass vase with greenery, and a piece of hand-painted wall art,  the corner was tended to, but not overdone. 

I think the pictures are a bit blurry because my hands were shaking up there on that ledge! 

I think the pictures are a bit blurry because my hands were shaking up there on that ledge! 

Not only was I entrusted to this space, the project allowed me to overcome my (mild) fear of heights.  I really had to focus while working up there, always minding the edge, and working VERY slowly. But, as they always say, slow and steady wins the race! 

Do you have a ledge in your home? What have you done with it?   

See my tips for accessorizing a ledge here:  4 steps to accessorizing a ledge

And that's a wrap on how this challenging space was re-created into a warm and inviting focal point in the home!!!  It adds character and personality to the entry way!  

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