4 critical components to a well-decorated foyer ledge

Do you have a space in your house that is totally neglected?  I'm not talking about your storage room, or your "guest" room where you stash all your junk!  I'm talking about a space up above.....a LEDGE.   Ledges are typically found in the entrance of a house.  They are that "shelf-like" area that is difficult to get to, and difficult to accessorize!   

These ledges are challenges for many reasons: 

  • They seem to stand out like sore thumbs, making it impossible to ignore them. And when you do succeeed at ignoring them, they just look so bare.....and this bugs you! 
  • They are difficult to access 
  • They are made for "decoration" or enhancement of a house, yet they are so commonly neglected, and are often left "undone". 

Well, not anymore!  We're tending to our "ledges" with today's tips on creating a simple, yet visually interesting ledge.  If you keep these 4 things in mind, you'll never have a bare or boring ledge again! 

4 Critical Components to decorating a ledge

1.  Large Decor

These ledges range in size, but generally speaking, the larger the space is, the larger the items should be that go in that space!   For example, if you have a ledge space that measures 13 feet long, by 4 feet deep, and has a height allowance of about 7 feet, that space is GIANT.   Don't fill it up with lots of small items.  Use large pieces.  Always start with the bigger pieces. 

First do THIS:

START with the largest accessories first like........

-Accent furniture (like a sofa table, or bench/stool) 

-Large trunk or chest of some sort. 

-One large wall accessory like a print, or rug. 

Next do THIS: 

ADD smaller items to fill gaps like.....

-Vases in larger sizes

-Decor like a globe, or something that doesn't have to be viewed up close to appreciate! 

-Greenery.   Add some greens to your vases.  They don't have to be the same.  Throw in florals for pops of color. These are easily changeable as the season change. 

2.  Height

Make sure your items are of varying heights. One or two taller items are great (leaned up against the wall), or if you've hung something on your wall, that will be provide some height variance.   

Vases:  Choose them in odd numbers (3 or 5).  Not too many, not too few!  Choose varying sizes, like small medium and large. 

In summary, choose items of different heights, so that your accessories don't appear "lined up", or all the same.  

3.  Placement

Be careful not to place all your accessories along the wall.  Positioning your accessories is key, and it involves placing items at varying depths within the ledge surface.  Example: place some items further back (closer to walls), and up front (closer to the actual ledge). 

This creates visual interest.   And, when done well, it totally eliminates the "items lined up at the store" effect.   (see #2 again, as these are related!).   Items placed in groups of odd numbers work best.   (example: three vases, three trunks/crates of different sizes). Remember, don't line them up!  

4.  Walls

The wall space by these ledges allow for pops of color and texture. Plus, the walls are what you see first, when you look up at that "ledge".  So, don't forget the walls.  Check out these ideas:

  • hang rug (s), or tapestry
  • hang a picture or two (not a detailed picture....more like an abstract picture with color, or a cool design/pattern you like).  Photo trios work well for this too (three pictures that "go together", and hang side by side) 
  • hang metal wall decor (these are visually interesting, and don't require a lot of focus to look at, like a painted picture might) 
  • How about a giant clock?  The farmhouse style clocks are popular right now (thank you Joanna Gaines!) 

Don't neglect all that bare wall space, but be sure to use caution.  A little can go a long way!  Don't feel like you should cover all the walls.   For example, a ledge usually has 3 walls (the back wall, and two smaller side walls).  I wouldn't recommend putting something on all three walls.  Choose one (think back wall), and keep it simple. 

That's not so bad! 

Decorating your ledge doesn't have to be complicated!  All it takes is a plan, and some attention to these 4 critical components, and your empty ledge mystery is sure to be solved. 

Still have questions about how or where to start?  Contact me below to set up your FREE consultation!!! I'd love to see your mystery space and help you GET. IT. DONE. 

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