Lounge-ready room: Discover yours!


This week Novo Decor wants to share some inspiration with you on the home “lounge” concept. I’m not talking about the lounge from the 70’s, with green carpet on the walls, and yellow faux leather upholstered booths! I’m talking about a place in your home, that can be re-created into a space you love being in.

And guess what? Your future lounge may be a space you already have, but didn’t know of its potential, and certainly wouldn’t have thought about it as a lounge!

A lounge? In my house?

ANY room can serve as a lounge. Try to erase the vision of carpeted walls, and dishes with candied mints in them, (remember those soft chewable mints?). Rather, try and picture a space in your house that you might not be using. Your furniture lounge can be a place to sit and relax, read a book, sip on coffee, or chat with your hubby, and friends.

Basically, if you have a room or nook somewhere in the house, turning it into a “lounge” isn’t as out of reach as you might think. The space below was traditionally supposed to be a dining area, but the home-owners wanted to extend more seating into this space, from their adjoining living room:


By adding chairs, a rug, and plenty of color, this space morphed into a fun place to entertain, and spend time. With a “window” that adjoins this room to the kitchen, it is easy to pass food and drinks back and forth. Functional and fun.


Below is the adjoining living room. The two spaces compliment each other with color, and whimsy; a great combination for a newlywed couple.

full room after.jpg

If you are scratching your head on what rooms in your house could possibly transform into marvelous lounges, check out these ideas….

  • a nook or space at the top of the stairwell (that open space around the stairway railing that you never use, or know what to do with)

  • a spare bedroom

  • a room, or section of your basement

  • attick

  • home office space that isn’t used, except for your “piles”, and clutter!

  • four-season room (or even three season room!)

  • part of a large room (some rooms are so big and awkward, that you need to create separate, defined spaces)

Think Lounge. Think Possibilities. Get inspired.

Lounge Seating:

This chaise is a perfect furniture accent for any lounge. In a neutral, or bold color, it serves a great purpose…..comfort…..not to mention dashing looks.



The texture in the pillows, wall hanging, and rug, along with the leather “bean bag” chair work together to create this hip and fun boho style lounge. I’d sit in this “lounge” any day and sip on coffee!

This chair is another fun lounge style piece. I see these “cane” chairs at thrift stores often. With a little black spray paint on the frame, you’d have yourself a fresh new chair just. like. this. one. Check it out…..

from Urban Outfitters

from Urban Outfitters

I guess I’m really feeling the boho vibe as I write this….but these textures, and patterns! I’d love to see the rest of this room. It’s interesting that all the pieces in this picture are in such close proximity to one another….creating a cozy, lounge-like feel. Changes in furniture placement can totally re-create a space.

You may be able to create your loung from just a portion of a larger room. Section it off with the fun and funky room divider, or position your seating in way that creates visible boundaries.

This is great use of space below….and a great little “lounge”. The adults can sit and relax, while the kids make a ruckus in the yard. Pretty hang-out, and relaxation time or the adults. It’s a win-win.

From Haneen’s Haven

From Haneen’s Haven

A home lounge doesn’t have to be huge! In fact, sometimes the smaller the better. Are you wondering if a lounge might be in your future?

Find out for sure, and start by asking yourself these questions as you go room to room in your house:

  1. Do we use this room regularly? If not, could we use it? Yasss!

  2. Do we use the things in this room? If not, can we get rid of them to create more space?

  3. Does this room get neglected? If yes, it’s definitely time for a lounge!

  4. Has this space been bare for a while? Is it large enough for a chair or two?

Creating a space in your home you love being in, and that has meaning to you is easier than you think, and doesn’t have to be time consuming! Start simple… by removing clutter, re-arranging furniture, asking yourself the questions above, and imagining the possibilities.

Novo Decor would love to help you get started. My no-pressure, FREE consultation will help get you on the right track….no matter how small, or challenging your space!

Enjoy the rest of your week,