Mid-century Modern Dresser: Bling or Bust

This is a short post about a mid-century modern dresser in need of a new look.  You might remember seeing the dresser on Facebook....and you might have even submitted your ideas!  I was stumped.  Totally over-thinking it.  Then you came to the rescue and inspired me! 

If you happened to be one who commented on the this brown dresser,  your ideas and enthusiasm for this piece were simply awesome!  I loved all your ideas, but there's only one dresser! 

Here's the dresser: 

Remember that dresser???

Here's a little sneak peek and a few inspirational photos to peek curiosity a bit......

The big decision.......drumrolll......

We're going with a classic, crisp white!  And a little metallic.....

Several ideas submitted involved "bling".  Plenty of bling.  To be honest, I hadn't thought to go that route.  But, I eagerly anticipate what lies ahead.  And it brings back memories.....Maybe you remember seeing the Mid-century modern:Give me Bling series I did last summer?  If not, here's a refresher:

That was a serious transformation!  It was my first time adding "bling" to a piece of furniture (beside gold-legged tables). but it actually involved attaching shiny pieces to components of another piece.  It was..........FUN.  To see that post click this link: Modern Retro: Give me Bling Series REVEAL

So I'm ready once again for bling. Are you? 

Here's our mid-century modern dresser after primer: 

It looks so much better even with a single layer of primer! 

And here is a peek at a drawer....

I'm going with metallic silver.   The drawers are much shinier in person by the way.  

Soon we'll be ready for some white paint, and sealant.   And lastly, some "bling-y" drawer knobs to complete the piece.  

Super excited to see the finished piece! 

Do you have some "BLING" in your home?  Share it with us! 

Click the button below and post a picture of your bling on my Facebook page!   Or, do you have a spot in your home that is perfect for a bling dresser like this one?  Show us! 

Wow, that was a lot of "blings" in one blog post! 

Until next time!  Have a wonderful day!!!!

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