Novo Decor Co. : Mission and Core Values

Greetings!  If you've followed my blog and are familiar with my work, you probably know just how much I love painting furniture and decorating.  I've always loved doing these things which is why I launched Novo Decor Co. in May 2015.  My goal has been and always will be to provide a service that creates not only a new found beauty and love for your home, but one that inspires and empowers you to take risks and step outside the box when it comes to decorating. How do I accomplish this?  Here is a behind-the-scenes look at Novo Decor Co., the heart of its mission, and what sets it apart from other interior decorators and furniture enthusiasts.    

I love every opportunity to transform a piece of furniture, re-decorate a room, share ideas,  and inspire you.  I want to help you conquer your decorating insecurities (if necessary), visually enhance your living space, and support your own personal style.   This is precisely the heart of my mission:  Infusing fresh design; inspiring personal style.  Novo Decor Co. is all about you!  Whether you are a novice decorator, or a veteran who loves decor and room style, my custom pieces, workshops & tutorials, room design packages, website, blog, and presence on social media all exist to help you find you what you seek in your decorating endeavors.    

As an entrepreneur within the creative realm, not a day goes by that I don't ask myself what sets Novo Decor Co. apart from other business who provide similar services and products.  I believe I am different.  And here's how....

The Vision

I possess the ability to see beyond what meets the eye in home furnishings and decor.  When it comes to interior decorating, I don't typically see things as they really are.   When I walk into a new room, I see pieces that aren't there, I see other colors, I see a totally different arrangement of furniture and mix of decor.  I have the ability to see the potential in a room, and I understand what is necessary to make that room come alive.  Then, I use that vision to develop my ideas.  This skill allows me to use pieces you already own; transforming them into something entirely different and suited for your new space.  I find so much joy when visually enhancing a room, and ultimately, inspiring you along the way! 

Seek & I Shall Find

I find key pieces in a variety of ways.  First, I consider what I have in my inventory. Along with my passion for thrift shopping comes a home inventory!   Second,  I thrift.  I thrift often. When you do something often, you develop skills.  Thrifting skills are essential to my business.   I have acquired a familiarity with a variety of thrift stores; specifically what, when, where, and how to search for key items.   Knowing what items should and should not be passed up is crucial.  I also skillfully assess the potential of furniture and decor, and how modifications to those pieces can create a cohesive aesthetic in a room.  

Sometimes restoring and using your existing pieces isn't a good option. We've likely all had that less-than-ideal piece of furniture that we bought for a bargain...and it has either fallen apart or we simply no longer like it. Pieces like this don't typically withstand restoration, nor should time be invested in poorly constructed pieces.  No problem!  I welcome the challenge of seeking and finding that perfect piece (or pieces!) to meet your needs.  I will do the searching for you.  

Just as important as finding and restoring that perfect piece (s) for your space, is the ability to pull all the elements together to create a warm and inviting space you love.   Do you see a pattern?  It is all about  1. Infusing fresh design and 2.  Inspiring personal style.  When I am working for you, both aspects of my business are equally vital in developing and executing a plan created with you.

Pulling the Pieces Together

No doubt there is certainly more to a room than its furniture and lay-out.  Once the key furniture pieces are ready and the overall room arrangement is determined,  what's next? The "re-cycle" process remains consistent here, and is implemented with the decor and accessories I use as well.  I pull rooms together in interesting ways by combining the old with the new. How? I use your existing decor (whether it needs restoration or not), pull from my home inventory, thrift, or shop new.   When I am working on a room re-fresh or a piece, I am always thinking about that particular color scheme, or what elements can be added to make it even better.  I love to personalize my work; using items that communicate who you are and what you love.  

Novo = Renew

Novo is Latin for "to renew" or "make new".  This is the essence of what I do.  I pride myself on the concept of "re-cycling" and being resourceful with items I use.  Heck, I make my own chalk paint and mix my own colors!   I develop a vision for your piece (s), and can transform your room all at the same time, which makes me your one-stop shop in home interior design and decorating.  I can also be considered your home decorating "coach" and cheerleader!   Providing you an all encompassing product, and/or service, while empowering you to see beyond what meets the eye is what sets me apart.  

in summary, I do what I do because I want to serve YOU.  I created Novo Decor Co. to serve as a medium through which I can share my skills and passion for the benefit of YOU.  That's what it's all about......providing you not only a product and/or a service, but an experience that you will remember and feel excited about sharing with others. 

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I am always adding pieces to my galleries.   I look forward to  the opportunity to feature your new piece or room and happy to talk!  Contact me, or click bottom button for more information on my consulting services.