Mixing Decor for a Dynamic Room: Use what you have, thrift, buy new

It is Friday!  Wahoo!  Today completes my series, "The Thrifted Home".  Over the last two weeks I've shared posts on all things thrifted.  From "secrets" to thrift shopping, identifying decor that is worth your time and money, to helpful tips for updating your decor and pulling it all together to create a "new" space, I truly hope you've learned a thing or two and even try it out this spring!  If you missed any of that information and would like to check it out, see the links at the bottom of today's post!

Today I am sharing photos of rooms that contain a mix of decor.  The decor is either,  1.  Items already owned  2.  Items from thrift shops    and 3.   Items newly purchased.  In these pictures, you'll see how using all three types of decor pull a room together.  When you see the photos, can you guess what percentage of each of these three areas make up the room?  For example what percentage of the decor is already owned items, thrifted, or bought new?  I've also broken down each room into parts: furniture, decor, and walls.  So when you view a photo, think of your percentage in each of those categories.  Then scroll down to get the answers below each photo.  Let's get started! 

Example #1: 

Yellow Room:

Furniture:   Already Had   50%          Thrifted   16%          New  33%

Walls:          Already Had   28.5%       Thrifted    42.8%     New  28.5%

Decor:        Already  Had   68%          Thrifted    27.2%     New   4.5%

Example #2: 

Blue Room: 

Furniture:    Already Had  100%        Thrifted:   0%        New:  0%

Walls:           Already Had   60%         Thrifted   40%      New:  0%

Decor:         Already Had    66.6%      Thrifted   26.7%   New:   6.6%

Example #3:  

Living Room

Furniture:       Already Had:  100%      Thrifted:  0%      New: 0%

Decor:            Already Had:  61%          Thrifted:  38.8%     New:  0%

Example #4

Chic "Social" Room:

Furniture:       Already Had:  28.5%         Thrifted:  71.4%       New: 0%

Walls:              Already Had: 25%              Thrifted: 0%            New: 75%

Decor:            Already Had: 47.2%           Thrifted: 41.1%        New: 11.7%

And that, my friends, is what mixing decor looks like!   Did you notice a pattern?  Bottom line is you don't have to purchase everything new to re-create a space!  Additionally, a room with the the majority of its item thrifted, can become a beautiful room!  Try using items you already own.  Look in other rooms of your house, or your storage areas for pieces not being used!  Move them, and re-create your space!  Then, try thrifting.  What can you find that fits into your new room?  How can you update or change it so that it works for your space?  Lastly, what key items must be purchased?   Items I end up purchasing new are usually  pillows, pillow covers, rugs, and window treatments. 

Talk about being resourceful right?  Mixing decor creates a look with character.  The rooms you saw here today were created with planning, time, patience, and vision.  Using some tips I've provided in this series, can you re-create a space in your home that tells your story?  How can you pull all the pieces together for a beautiful, eclectic space?  If you have a room in your home that incorporates a mix of thrifted, updated, and new pieces....I'd love to see them!  Just post them with a comment to   www.facebook.com/novodecorco

AND THAT'S A WRAP!!!  THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IN!  I hope you learned a tip or two from "The Thrifted Home" series!    Are you ready to try something new in your home this Spring? 

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