Make monogrammed wall art with this simple tutorial

It's time for Flashback Friday!  Today I'm taking us back to a tutorial I did last spring: "How to make easy monogrammed wall art".   I was inspired to complete this project then, and once again I am inspired to take another look at it.  In fact, I might have to make another one this weekend!  

The idea

The idea struck when I was re-arranging our living room. I needed something large to cover a bare wall that I had just removed a mirror from.  

The solution

I had a picture hanging elsewhere in that same room that was the perfect frame size for the wall.  The frame was great as is, so I didn't have to do a thing to it (like paint it).  But, I didn't like the picture inside that frame anymore.  It was a no-brainer.  I could use the frame for my monogrammed wall art idea. 

 Here is the bare wall before: 

Supplies Needed:  

  • fabric scissor

  • paint/paintbrush or small sponge for applying paint

  • wooden letter (any type of large letter, doesn't have to be wood)

  • adhesive spray

  • thin cardboard (already in the frame)

  • old lampshade

  • hanging wire

How to make your monogrammed wall art:

1.  Get a photo frame that has a cardboard backing in it (eliminates the need to find cardboard, and cut it to size!). Most photo frames have these boards in them.   

2.  Remove the old picture and cardboard backing from the frame.  Use the cardboard backing to measure and cut your fabric.  The photo below shows my fabric already cut and lying over the cardboard backing: 

 3.  Spray your cardboard piece with spray adhesive.  Spray along borders of all four sides, as well as the center (similar to applying glue on a piece of paper).  This will adhere your fabric to the cardboard. You don't have to cover the whole board with spray, a little goes a long way.  Plus, by applying the spray conservatively, it will be easier to remove your fabric and re-position it if needed (to remove creases). 

4.  Place your fabric on the cardboard and press it flat, removing any wrinkles or creases as you go.  If you didn't apply too much adhesive spray, you should be able to remove corners pretty easily to "re-do" if you have too many creases.   

5.  Now you are ready to apply your magic!  With a little paint on your sponge or brush, dab the bottom rim of the lampshade so it's completely covered.  Use enough paint on the rim, so it transfers onto your fabric. Be careful not to glob the paint on, or your circle shape might not appear as a nice circle! 

6.  Center your lampshade over your fabric board (tip: you might want to make a pencil mark in the center of the fabric before placing your lampshade).  Once your lampshade base is on your fabric, press down around the lampshade rim so the paint can transfer onto the fabric.  The result won't be a perfect line, but that's what makes this project great!  It doesn't have to be a perfect to look great!

7.  Get out your wooden letter (any material letter is fine. It's purpose is to prevent you from having to make your own letter, free-hand). But if you are so inclined to create your own letter, go for it.  Paint the back of your letter (plenty of paint but not a ton, because you will be pressing the painted side onto your fabric. If you have too much paint on the letter, the excess paint will gush beyond the boundaries of your letter while you are pressing it down.  

8.  Once your letter is painted, center it inside the circle you just made with your lampshade. You can eyeball it, or use your pencil mark (if you made one in the center of your circle). Gently press your letter onto your fabric.  Make sure you press down on all surfaces of your letter so the paint transfers onto the fabric


9.  Once the paint is dry, you are ready to place your new monogrammed art into your frame! This is the fun part.  Secure the back of your frame so your cardboard stays in place (usually backs of frames will have little metal tabs you can simply bend over your board).  

Lastly, if your frame already has hooks for hanging, you're ready to hang that thing up!  But if not, you can try this:

Simple hook and wire hanging:     I measured 5 inches down from the top of the frame on each side of the frame. I made a hole on each side (centered), using a small nail so I could screw in hooks on both sides.  After hammering in the nail to create the holes, I removed the nails, and placed a screw hook in each hole, turning the screw to the right (righty-tighty!) until tight.  Then, I added hanging wire, looping each end into the hooks, and winding around the wire to secure.  

AND THAT"S IT!  Your new monogrammed art for any wall in the house!  Fill that dead space on your wall! 

I was happy with the outcome. And the fact that this project was simple made it even better! Wall art doesn't have to be complicated or pricey!  With just a few materials, you can create a great monogrammed piece of art for that bare wall! 

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