My Home; My Workshop: Part Four

Hi there and thank you for checking in!   It has been way too long since I've updated you on "My Home; My Workshop" progress, and that is simply because I just haven't worked on it....since the last update post  (which was September 18!).  Yowza!  Better late than never. Right?   

While I have not focused on the basement work area, I have certainly created a much easier workflow in my work space on the main floor.  This room is the first thing a person sees upon entering my home, so it's about time it look a little less like Sanford and Son's front porch, and more like a work space!      

So what have I done?  The key was creating off-the-floor storage so I could maximize every little square foot of floor space for projects!  There is one exception....we moved in our farmhouse table from the porch, and it now provides a nice surface for smaller pieces, cupboard doors, and drawers.   It has been so nice using it and not having to slouch down, or tip toe around the unfinished pieces scattered on the floor. 

Once the storage space was added (Karl helped me build some simple "farmhouse" shelving using stained wood and metal brackets), I began organizing my supplies.  It seems like such a simple thing...keeping supplies in one location!  What a concept!  But without the storage before,  I had no choice but to scatter things anywhere I could find space.  If you love to organize you would have had a ball with this project!   I am usually not overly excited about organization, but I have to say, this task was F.U.N., FUN.   Consistent with my decorating motto, I used items I already had to create my new space.  No shopping involved what-so-ever!  Now I know why I've been hesitant to throw out coffee cans!  I added contact paper to them and now they hold all my smaller items.   And spray paint may also have entered the scene...I had several crates that didn't match my color scheme.  What's a decor enthusiast to do?  Haul out metallic gold spray paint that's what!  Result:  cute supply containers that match the room.  Love that!

I have already tested out the new room with projects and having my supplies in one location and actually knowing where they are, has helped tremendously!  I am certain I wasted plenty of time searching for things before.  Not anymore!    

But it doesn't end with just organization!  I had to bring in some decor, naturally.  I had some cute window panels from the Target clearance rack...huge bonus!  I immediately grabbed them from my "inventory" and they work great in the room.    Yes I do have an inventory in my home!   

Then I "shopped" the inventory for other the yellow clock.  I think I paid 2 dollars for it...and it still works!  Pulling this room together was meant to be.  It took me a while to get started, but once I did there was no turning back.  And I am very satisfied with the result. 

Any projects on your "to-do" list?  Sometimes starting is the hardest part.  It's OK to chip away at something little by little.  That makes it even more enjoyable when you finally get it done and can admire your work! 

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It feels like an official "work" space now.  Welcome to Novo Decor Co. headquarters...where magic happens.  Lol.  

And one last look at the "before" situation......


Good-bye crazy messy workspace!  

Hello fun new workspace...