Novo Decor Co. : The story behind the name

Have you ever wondered why businesses have the names they do?  Do the names evolve over time?  Are they family names?  I've wondered these things.  Before launching my business I put a great deal of thought into the why's and how's of naming a business.  It was a process that took months, but at the end, I was extremely happy with my chosen name and its ability to clearly communicate the meaning and purpose of my business.  Today I am sharing how I named my business and the reasons behind my decision.  

So why a post about this?  Since Novo Decor is all about inspiring and empowering you to see the beauty and potential in your furniture and living space,  it seems fitting to share the thought process behind naming my business and the message I wanted it to convey with it .  The more you know about the why's and how's of my business purpose, the better!  And one day, hopefully you'll remember Novo Decor Co. when it's time to think furniture or interior design!  Today's post is part one of a three part series.  On Monday February 1, I'll be sharing part two; my logo and what it means.   I hope you stay tuned for that! 


If you looked in my journal you would see list upon list containing words that in some way connect with what my business stands for.  I've always loved giving new life to tired and unwanted home decor.   For me, looking beyond what meets the eye, and creating something new and vibrant from something old, lifeless, and tired, is a thrill.   It is something I am passionate about, and is the foundation for what I want to build my business on.  As I started thinking about that concept and how I wanted to carry it out in my business, I began writing down descriptive words. Words like rejuvenate, refresh, regenerate, renew, restore, revitalize, recreate, and innovate were just some of many words that made the list.  


Once I had a long list of descriptive words that aligned with the concept of "renew" or "transform", I started putting related ideas and concepts into phrases.   Some of these examples included:  dull to exciting, dynamic, full of life, energize, inspire, new life, change, transform, from old to new, hand-picked, full of life, eternal life, anything can be decor, think outside the box, renew old things, go out on  limb, hand-picked to perfection, dated to dynamite, dingy to delightful.  And the list goes on.....   


I wanted a simple, yet uncommon name representative of my business mission.  I started looking up Latin words.  To this day I cannot explain why Latin......maybe it was the Latin words and sign-age visible to me on my college campus that planted that seed...I went to Marquette University.   

I also looked at Italian words.   I am not Italian, but the language is so beautiful and has a way of rolling off the tongue, literally!   Not everyone can do a tongue roll, however.  I wanted a business name that everyone could pronounce!  (must be the speech pathologist in me). The Italian word that means "renew" is "Rinnovare"  (Ree-noh-va-ray, with tongue rolls on both "r''s)....too long and complicated! 

Here are some other name ideas that made it into my journal:

Dynamic Decor, Infusion Decor, Afterlife Decor, Ever After Decor, Beyond Decor, Divine Decor, Diamond in the Rough, Silver Lining Decor, and Paintista.   Of these names, "Silver Lining Decor" was the runner-up to what ended up being my final choice.  

I used an on-line English to Latin translator, and started plugging in words from my list.  Then I saw the word De Novo.  I liked it.  It means "to renew", or "make new".   I did some research and found the name had been used before. A website with that name had also been taken.  I opted against it, but still loved the "novo" part. I looked into it further and found that "novo" holds essentially the same meaning... Perfect.  It was short.  It was simple.  It meant exactly what I intended for my entire business mission!    Novo it was.   Next up.....Novo what?   

Decor or Designs?   I contemplated "Designs".  "De Novo Designs".  Though I design rooms, color scheme, and patterns for furniture, it seemed a bit limiting.   Then I shifted to the term "decor".  "Decor" just felt right.  My services and products can all fit under the broad category of decor.  And so the decision was made.   Novo Decor!   

Lastly, where does the "Co." came from?  It has to do with website address and ease of locating me on-line.  When I did an on-line search plugging in the terms "novo" and "decor" I did find a site with the same name, but the site hadn't been "built" yet.  I checked back to that address several times and all it said was, "This site is under construction".    Though at that point, I was certain of my business name, I definitely wanted to steer clear of any potential confusion or difficulty with locating me on-line.   My graphic designer suggested adding the "Co."  So my web address was    I decided to keep the "Co" in the actual business name to maintain consistency.     Done!  

So, now you know how Novo Decor Co., the name, came to be.  I still have that journal full of word lists, and I'll probably always hang on to it.   It is a good reminder of the process I went through to find not only a great name for my business, but a name that truly represents my passion and what my business stands for.