New Room: REVEAL

I felt giddy like a kid on Christmas Eve when I left this home-owner's (Sam) house last Friday morning.  Using some of my favorite decorating tips and tricks, I gave this room warmth and personality.  How did I do it?   After a home consultation with the owner, color samples, and plenty of visual inspiration, I combined a little bit of this and a little bit of that.   The result:  A fun living space.  Using my crafting supplies, my own personal "thrift" store, a Craigslist find, several thrift store finds, and a handful of Hobby Lobby goodies later,  this room was transformed.  And the BEST most important part....I also incorporated items the home-owner already had!     Mix all that goodness together and you get a room like this....

I am super excited about how the room came together!  I had a blank slate upon entering the house.  This is what it looked like before:

The owner already had a couple great throw blankets ready to go.  Her furniture is great too...clean lines and a neutral gray.  Perfect neutral walls and furniture for accessorizing with color.   

I used a variety of pillow covers for Sam's existing throw pillows.  This immediately added a punch!  Then I started hanging wall art; some of it already owned by Sam, which I modified to fit the new room aesthetic and color scheme.  I added a great little sofa table for the kitchen wall.  And then the really fun part.....accessorizing....

Here is the kitchen wall before and after a little wall art and decor:

Then I moved on to other areas of the room that needed some love!  This was one of those areas:   



I added some larger decor pieces to fill the gap between the TV and the table. Smaller accents completed the look:

photo quality is very poor....hard on the eyes!  sorry! 

photo quality is very poor....hard on the eyes!  sorry! 

The largest wall in the room is pictured below.  It is a wall you see instantly upon entering the house.  Walls like that require some sort of statement piece!  I made this sunburst mirror in navy, which was one of Sam's favorite accent colors when we initially looked at samples.  The mirror makes a statement and gives the room some fun spunk!   I just realized my head is in that mirror. Oops.   

Lastly, I hung a simple patterned picture and a fun chair at the end of the hallway which leads to the living room area.   Now, there is a punch of color and decor on both sides of the room, which is necessary in achieving visual balance.   


And finally, all the fun details that make a room great....

I was so thrilled to make this space exactly what Sam wanted!  It is so fun to share my tips and tricks, and to empower others not only to see the potential in their space, but to see it take shape!  

Thank you Sam!

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