New Rooms 2016: REVEAL

Greetings and welcome to New Rooms 2016.   This week I had the opportunity to install the first room of the year!  It was a success. Weeks of planning, preparation, searching for and painting pieces for this space are complete!  The result is a great new space for a soon-to-be newly-wed couple, Kasey and Brad.  I know they will love their "new" room together!  

After the initial consultation, I had an idea of colors and style.  Seeing artsy decor the couple already owned, and knowing Kasey is an art teacher, I knew they could handle a little "spunk" and "craziness" for their space.  When I say "craziness" I mean that in the best way possible!  It is fun to take risks with decor and colors.....and this was a great opportunity to do just that. 

For details on color scheme development and decor for this particular space, you can click here: Try This Bold Color Scheme in 2016.   Today's post is all about the before and after photos of the space, which was actually two adjoining rooms; one a living room and the other a "dining area".  However, the home-owners didn't want to utilize the "dining" space as a traditional dining room.   They desired  more seating and a place to "lounge" and enjoy company.  The room's colors, decor, and furniture arrangement warmed this space up quickly and now it looks nothing like a dining room!   Whether enjoying the space together, or entertaining guests, the room is sure to meet every "loungy" need.  So, that said, we're on to  PART ONE.....don't scroll down too far yet! 

PART ONE:  The space BEFORE the "Refresh"

To appreciate the results (revealed in THIS post!), here are some photos of the space before:

The picture above is the view you see when you glance to the right upon entering the front door.  You can see how the "dining" room is adjoined to the living room area.  The desk you see in that room wasn't being utilized, and Kasey referred to this room as a "catch all" area.  We all have a "catch all" area in our homes don't we? (The Nienhuis's catch-all area is the kitchen counter, and the back hallway, and the..... Ug!).   Kasey wanted to eliminate their "catch-all" area, and turn it into a space they could both use and enjoy.   

The picture below shows the opposite view of photo #1.  Here you see the front door on the top right.  Notice the clock in this photo? It is a great pop of color, and it works for that space.  Therefore, it stayed (It also weighs 127 pounds and was hung with bolts, prior to me entering the scene).  We left it be.  

The photo below is the view standing in front of the large window (window on your left), and facing the hallway/front door.   You can see there was plenty of wall space to be filled and even room for a small table.  If there is room for a table in the foyer area, then I say by all means fill that space up with a cute table.  Additionally a coat rack was a great piece to add to the foyer area since no coat closet is available.  It's nice to have a place for guests to throw their scarves, coats, and hats.  

Then, below you see another view as you stand in the hallway, just inside the front door. Just look at all that great wall space, and all that neutral flooring!   With all that openess, it feels as though the other half of the room is too far away.....a purple shag rug will soon be gracing that floor....

Then we move on to the "dining area".  Below is the view standing in the living area, looking at the dining room.  Kasey had a large canvas art piece that appeared too large for the wall and room size.   I suggested a new location for that canvas; specifically the front hallway where the wall extends all the way to the back end of the home.  Removing the canvas left the wall completely empty...but not for long.  It's coming....I promise! 

In this same room you also see a window to the right with a desk placed below it.  The window panels were black, and the desk was black; definitely a need for color and certainly a statement piece or two!  The wall on the left opens to the kitchen area; with a "window" and a doorway. You can see that view below:  (Brad, I hope you don't mind you are in the photo! I tried placing a giant emoji over you but without success.  The second option was hiding you with words).  

That window provides the perfect set-up for Brad to serve Kasey a cocktail while she relaxes in her funky new lounge.  Oh, So that's why Brad wanted a lounge!     

PART TWO: The Space AFTER the "Re-fresh"

It is a joy to plan and envision a room, and to make it a reality.  This room refresh was no exception!  Here is what the room looks like now....(in the same order as the "before" photos)


Now, with additional seating, wall decor, and a variety of textiles like pillows, throws, and window panels the room has a totally different feel to it.   You can see I created a visual separation between the living area and the "lounge" by using two fabric panels on either side of the opening. Below, is a view from the lounge, looking into the living room: 

Only thing missing here is the purple rug, which is going under the black coffee table.  And below, we are back to the living, lounge to the left.  

The view below is the first thing you see upon entering the front door.  Before it was empty (see photo above!).  Now it has personality!  And mirrors are great on any wall!  I heard a designer once say that there should be a mirror in every room of a house. That might have been Nate Berkus? Nate, if you are reading this, I love you man.   I've always been a huge fan of mirrors because they create the illusion of a larger space, they reflect light, and they create more visual interest and dynamic. 

And now......for the lounge!  I love that we're calling it a lounge.  The owner Brad used the term at our consultation, and since then it stuck with me!  Well, the term is fitting, because this is the MOST AWESOME LITTLE LOUNGE I've ever done!  In fact, it is the ONLY lounge I've ever done!    

A variety of textures and patterns were incorporated into the room, creating a warm and inviting feel.  I especially love the mix of natural woods with painted woods.   From metallic decor and rustic pieces,  to mismatched (but coordinating!) upholstered chairs, patterned window panels, and geometric rug, this room is visually appealing and invites you in.   And, did you see that lamp?  That HUGE and wonderful lamp was meant for this room!   Here is a closer look at the decor.....

The last view of the space is from the living room, looking toward the front door.   Here is a "before" photo to refresh your memory:

And now....

Other views....

The living room also contains a mix of textures.....and to honor my love for texture here are some photos up close....

And that wraps up the kick-off room refresh for New Rooms 2016! So glad you joined.  I hope you enjoyed seeing the transformation!   And one last before/after....