Old Furniture, New Purpose

Welcome to week #2 of my series Home Decorating Projects: Get them Done.  This week is all about making our old furniture new again.  Turning an old piece of furniture into something else doesn't have to be a major reconstruction project.  Today you'll see how an old dresser was made "new" again, in just 4 steps. 

We had this dresser which wasn't being fully utilized.  It was in need of a face lift, and new purpose.  Our youngest son Luke recently moved into his big brother's old room, so, he had more space for a giant "big boy" dresser. This dresser fit the bill. 

But, first, it needed tweaking!  

Here is what the dresser looked like BEFORE:

The dresser was a dark mahogany wood before I painted it blue.  After that paint job, I never did find the knob to that center door....but believe it or not, instead of locating that knob (or replacing it!) I used a screw driver to open the door.  It wasn't long before that space turned into a "junk drawer" (for those little things you have no idea what to do with).  It was a total waste of good storage space.  

The dresser had the potential to be something so much better.  So......

here's what happened....

In just 4 simple steps, this dresser was transformed into something much more useful, and cuter!  

Here's what I did:

1.  The whole dresser received a coat of lime green paint.

2.  The hardware was sanded to remove the gold spray paint and to create a more rustic finish.  

3.  The knob-less door was removed, and screw holes repaired.   

4.  Once the door was removed, the inside was painted white, and fabric was used to line the shelves.  

So, how can you maximize your old furniture?  

Look at your furniture.  How can you change a piece?    Can it be used for something else, in another room of your house?  Simple changes might include removal of a door, or removal of a drawer(s) to create open shelving.  

Painting this dresser and removing a door, totally changed its appearance and function...

Make repairs in order to create your "new" piece.  Patch up any holes left from removing doors. To do this, use wood filler, let it dry, then sand over those areas to smooth them out. (220 grit)

You can also remove drawers to create open shelving.  The photo below shows a dresser with an open space, where a drawer used to be: 

Those drawers you removed now have the potential to become something else!  Hmmmm....but we'll save that for another post someday....

Once those drawers are removed, then create an open shelf by placing a board in that space, like you see below: (the board is not cut to size in the photo, but you can see how placing the board inside, creates your shelf surface.

Paint your piece.   Try a new color.  You can also paint the interior, if you created open shelving or removed any doors.  (see links at the end of this post for painting tips)

Another fun way to add color to your old piece of furniture is to add liner to the interior.   Just paint Mod Podge onto your wood surface and your fabric/paper, then place fabric/paper over it.  

And the final step......

Fill your your newly created cubby or shelve!  

Remember the wasted storage space?  Now, that space is not only cute, but useful.  It's a great way to display our son Luke's art supplies, books, and other "knick knacks" that boys love. I am certain a Lego or two will end up in that nook.  

Luke loves his new cubby because It's the perfect height, and he can get to his supplies easily......

After seeing today's post, I hope you discover many new uses for old furniture you already have!  

Re-create something new, and more functional for your home.  And remember, a change with big impact doesn't have to mean power tools, or hours and hours of labor intensive work.   

Have you done a project like this before? I'd love to see it!  Post it to Novo Decor Facebook