One Room; 5 Different Ways

If there is one thing that I've cut down on since starting my business, it's "re-doing" rooms in my own house!  This is a good thing; it has happened for a great reason.  Now, I get to pursue this passion by "re-doing" others' rooms and furniture!  

I have always loved changing rooms.  And that is why I  created today's share some examples with you, and to show you that change doesn't have to be huge!  The room in our home that has most frequently been victim to my "experiments" in decorating is the master bedroom.  Here you will see its many transformations; some big and some small....but changes none-the-less.   Lighting and photo quality in some of the photos is not optimal, but you will get the idea!  I put the photos in chronological order so you can see how my tastes and styles have evolved over time.....

The photo above shows a gallery wall full of photos and "things" I made.  This was during my gallery wall-obsessed time frame.  At one time I couldn't get enough of these gallery walls.  While I still love and appreciate a great gallery wall, I've gotten away from them in my own home.   That doesn't mean I'll never go back to them though!  The walls in this picture were "khaki",  the color they were when we moved in.  I've since painted them....which you'll soon see...

The same view is shown below, just a larger photo of the room.  I forgot about this phase!  I rather like the serene and "spa-like" aesthetic.  The gallery wall concept has remained,  but a bit simpler.  I apparently loved grays and whites (and still do)!   The pop of red is nice.

In #3 below, the room is re-arranged, with the bed between the windows. This is a difficult room to furnish due to its narrow, rectangular shape.   Arrangement options are limited to only two; I am not sure which I like best.  What do you think?  You might have noticed the bed frame is different....and you are right! I updated our old bed frame you saw in photos #1 and #2, with  a little paint and some additional stained wood boards.     

Notice anything in the top right corner of the photo above?  I did not finish painting!  The wall color is now a warm gray.  (Smooth Stone, by Sherwin Williams). If you look at that unfinished patch of wall, you can see how much lighter the gray hue is than the previous "khaki". The accent colors are now yellow and teal.  I found some lamps and spray painted the bases yellow for the "new" color scheme.  Window treatments were changed from a solid light blue to a white and navy pattern. The huge picture above the bed was a purchase I made 15 years ago.  It is a nice picture, but it has been around a while....time for a change!   

On to photo #4 above.  You can see the large was replaced with a giant navy sunburst mirror that I made.  Wall color is still gray (still haven't finished painting that patch in the corner!)  Window panels remain unchanged.  New accent colors are now navy and pink/coral.  A few simple changes with decor and color, and the room is different!   Big impact and a fresh look don't have to entail huge changes!  What simple change can you make this spring?  I also added a little brass bar cart to the foot of the bed.  A bar cart in a bedroom?  YES I say!  It's a fun, non-traditional use for something that adds personality to the room.   I also spray painted the lamp bases metallic gold.  Good-bye yellow. 

And lastly, number 5.  This is how the room looks now.  Can you believe I still haven't painted that small 1x3 foot area above the window?  I do a whole room, yet cannot finish painting a small patch!?  Oiy.  The navy blue sunburst is gone...and not just to my "inventory" gone.  Gone as in now it hangs beautifully in someone else's home.   It was too perfect for that person's room, so it had to come down!  In its place is an art canvas I made.  Window panels; unchanged. Bedding; a simple swap for a green comforter.   My motivation for that swap was the Christmas season....because who doesn't want a little Christmas in every room?   The brass bar cart that was once at the foot of the bed is now in my office. In its place is a cedar chest...which will be available in my on-line shop!   The cedar chest is a rich turquoise accent piece which currently serves as a laundry folding area!   I'm going to miss that cedar chest....


I still love navy, pink/coral, and metallic gold.  The metallic gold lamp bases have remained untouched.  A couple pillow were added (also due to Christmas season!), but overall the room has remained the same.  The other walls in this room are plain.  Some day I'll tackle those....and I imagine soon I'll switch back to the white duvet.  For now I'm enjoying the room as it is.  And for me, that is a miracle! 

Doing this post has motivated me (and will hold me accountable!) to finishing that little unfinished patch on the wall, which came back to haunt me in my first photo shoot last spring for the Novo Decor launch!  Can you see it below?  

Do you have a room in your home that is forever changing?   That is OK.  You are not alone! It's fun to do, and it helps you learn your style and how your tastes evolve over time.   I hope that in some way this post has inspired you to try something new in your space.  And if you don't like it, you can always change it back.  Trial and error is what it's all about! 

Happy room-changing!  

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