Painting something? Consider these Colors

Looking to paint a piece of furniture this spring, but undecided on color? Here are some great paint color ideas for you to try.  Not every furniture refresh means bold and crazy color. You can achieve a whole new look with a fresh coat of basic white!  So, check out this list and take your pick!  

Ultra White:  by Behr.   This is a great white for any wall or piece of furniture.  It is clean and crisp.  No yellowish tints.  No "purply" tints...(you know when a white is SO bright that it almost appears purple-ish?)   Well, not this color.  I have used it on walls and furniture.  It is a beautiful rich white hue.   The table below was painted in Ultra White: 

Smooth Stone:  by Glidden   This is a beautiful and versatile gray.  Depending on how the light reflects, it may appear a light khaki color.  I have used this on walls and furniture.   I was first introduced to this hue on a blog I follow.  It was showcased on someone's living room wall, and I loved it.  Here is a dresser painted in Smooth Stone: 

Hot Pink: by Behr.  This is a fiesty pink.  The first time I used it was on the interior of a large piece of furniture; a liquor cabinet.  This is a fun color, not to mention a bold color.  If you try it, remember you will need at least  4 coats of paint for complete coverage.    

Tealy Turquoise:   This is my own concoction which I mixed for a cedar chest.  I had tons of dark blue and bright green paint left over from another project, so I mixed them and the result was a great tealy turquoise.   Love this chest?  See it at the SHOP

Ecros Pink:   This is another great example of pink, with almost a hint of coral.  I did a dresser in this color last fall and it really is a beautiful pink.  If you want pink, but hot pink isn't quite it,  Ecros pink might be the hue for you. Here's how it looks: 

Impulsive Purple:  The name of this color is an indication of its boldness!  I used the color on a desk, along with neutral colors and wood tones and it turned out beautifully.  You might be hesitant to try this hue on your wall, or a large piece of furniture, but, what about that little accent table or a portion of a larger piece like the one below?    

Aw, our dog Lexi is in the background......miss my painting buddy! 

Aw, our dog Lexi is in the background......miss my painting buddy! 

Now you have six great color ideas for a spring furniture "re-fresh".  If you have questions about your project, or, you'd rather hand it off to Novo Decor, I'd be happy to help.  I do free consultations to view your furniture piece(s).     

Custom order is where my heart is at (I love transforming pieces (and rooms!) that you already own, and customizing them just for YOU).  I also have an on-line shop at (   

For questions, feedback on your piece, or price estimates, click below!  I love an old piece of furniture in need of rescue!  You'd be surprised at the potential in your own furniture!

For helpful information on painting tips and supplies, click the link below:

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