Novo Decor Co.: See it on Periscope

Good morning!  I bring exciting news to you!  But before I do that, I want to introduce you to something I've been learning about.....I think it could be a GREAT way for you to learn more about what I do, and HOW I do it!  

If you are someone who is interested in social media and keeping current with the latest applications and technology, then you might have heard about Periscope.  Maybe you've tried it?   If you haven't heard of it, don't fret!   Many people have not, including me until about a month ago!   I continue to learn more and certainly see the potential value in it.  

So what is Periscope?

Periscope is a free live streaming app and is a simple way to broadcast anything, anywhere, and by anyone.  To see a brief clip about it click HERE.  Periscope became known in the world of social media in early spring 2015.  To try Periscope you simply download the app which can be found in Google Play (for Android), or the App Store (for Apple/i-phone users).   There is no cost.  Once you've downloaded it, you can access it anytime simply by clicking on the icon.  If you are on Twitter, and anyone you follow happens to be on Periscope AND is live at that moment, you will see notification stating "John Smith is live".   You can then click on that person's name and view them instantly.   If no one you follow on Twitter is live at that moment, you will see a statement that reads, "No one you follow is live".  (Periscope is owned by Twitter, which is why the two are connected).   There will also be a "See Global List" button, which you can click on to see any live streaming happening at that very moment.   The global list has no connection to you at all; they are other people who are on Periscope and currently taking part in a live stream broadcast from their phone or other device.   Broadcasts remain viewable for up to 24 hours after the live broadcast.   I clicked on a few the other day and saw a live tour of the pyramids of Egypt (really cool), and a political speech at a university (not as cool as the pyramids!).   Please note:  I do not know how (or even if)  Periscope filters inappropriate content, and since the app is open to anyone, inappropriate content is possible.  Be aware of that if you choose to try it.   

Why the Introduction to Periscope?  

I am often brainstorming ideas on how to reach you better and how to best communicate my mission!  One of my biggest goals as a business owner is not only to clearly communicate what I aim to do for you, but to demonstrate HOW I do it.    A year ago I started the process of exploring what my business mission was going to be, and what kind of business I wanted to run. After writing and re-writing hundreds of notes, generating lists, numerous conversations with others, researching information, and many hours of reading I figured it out.   So what is my mission you ask?  

Infusing fresh design; inspiring personal style.  

Summarizing my mission in just six words was a big milestone for me. Especially since it is difficult for me to limit my words!   But I haven't looked back since, and every day I think about my mission and how best to live it and execute it.  Then I heard about Periscope......and I became extremely excited.   I thought, "This was a way to demonstrate my mission.  In addition to blogging about my projects, I could actually show!"    And that is why I am bringing awareness to Periscope.  Don't have time to read my blog?  Do you like watching projects in action and hearing about them live?  Periscope might be your ticket!  

Novo Decor Co. on Periscope

I want to utilize Periscope broadcasts to benefit YOU.   I'm not going to will be nerve-wracking the first time.....but I know I have to start somewhere!  Podcasts and blogs on the topic all seem to communicate the same idea, which is:  Be yourself & demonstrate what you love.   So with that said......I am going to give it a go.   I am really looking forward to this new way of interacting with you and providing you useful content! 

Remember also, that anyone can download the app without ever broadcasting a thing; you can simply view others' broadcasts.  I will be posting on BOTH my facebook (personal and business page) to let you know when I will be doing live broadcasts.   Other times I may do spontaneous broadcasts.  I am planning on trying my first broadcast this week Wednesday, October 21.....during a painting workshop.    I will keep you informed!  

One last thing....broadcasts can be shared to facebook as well.  If you are so inclined to download periscope and enjoy any of my broadcasts, a "share" on facebook would be so appreciated!  Help me spread the news about this great new application full of possibilities!   

Thanks for reading and I hope you try it out!   

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