Painting Basics LIVE: Hurry! Only 12 hours left to see it!

This morning I completed part 2 of Painting Basics!  In a short 7 minute live broadcast from my home, I provided some quick hands-on tips on how to finish your painted piece with wax!     Curious how I use wax and want to see me in action?   Then watch this clip!  Just click on the link below: 

Novo Decor Co. : Live!    Painting Basics: Part Two

A little background about Periscope

Periscope is a new form of social media that allows anyone to broadcast live from their device.   It is a free, downloadable app that is relatively new to the social media scene, but its users/viewers have consistently grown.  Live broadcasts on Periscope are called "scopes".  However, I definitely prefer "broadcast"!   I feel like "scope" means I'm preparing for some kind of medical procedure or something!  So let's stay away from that term.  Plus "broadcast" just sounds cool.  

So why does Kate keep talking about Periscope?  Well, I am excited to report that plans are in the works and involve Periscope on a consistent basis.  My broadcasts will be designed to provide information and helpful tips for a variety of your home decorating and painting projects. I promise I will make it fun and worth your while!   

Do you have Periscope downloaded to your device already?

The next time you see mentioning of "broadcast" on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter, you can tune in at the scheduled broadcast time (I will always post broadcast name/time to my website and facebook).  So here's how:  Open your Periscope app.  You will see that many broadcasts will be listed from the last 24 hours. The most recent broadcasts will be near the top.  Scan down until you see my broadcast name and click on it to view.   There might be a search box option, in which case you would type in the name of my broadcast.    

Do you have to download this app in order to view a broadcast?   

I have been asked whether you have to download the Periscope app, or have a smart phone in order to watch broadcasts.   The answer is no.  You simply go to and you will see my broadcast listed.   Broadcasts only remain viewable for 24 hours after the broadcast.   If you miss the deadline and go to the above website, you will see my name and photo, but no listings of any broadcasts.  

When can you view a broadcast? 

Broadcasts are viewable anytime within 24 hours of the live broadcast.  So today's broadcast was at have until tomorrow at 10am to see it!  Plenty of time!

Interacting during a broadcast

The greatest part about Periscope is that there are interactive capabilites.   Similarly with "likes" on facebook, are "hearts" on periscope. If you are viewing a broadcast and you like what you see, just tap the screen and the broadcaster will see a heart!  Other people watching will also see hearts as they appear across the screen.   Comments can also be made, similar to texting. The comments appear for the broadcaster and viewers to see. 

Novo Decor Co. Live in 2016

Sharing broadcasts to social media can be done, and today, after near pulling of my hair, I figured out how to do it!   If you go to facebook today, you may see my broadcast floating around in your newsfeed (if we're facebook friends).   You can also go to Novo Decor Co. facebook page to view it. I have yet to figure out how to transfer broadcasts to my website.   I don't know if that is an option, but I am looking into it and very excited about the possibility!    

I hope this was helpful and I really hope you give it a try!  I am super excited about planning a variety of broadcasts in 2016!   And as always, I welcome your comments, thoughts, ideas!  If there is a topic you'd love to learn about, I'm all ears!   

Thank you for checking in today!   

If you choose to download the app, here's the logo/icon you are looking for: