Pillows, patterns, and platters

Greetings everyone! Twas the week before school and all through the house not a kid was stirring, not even a yellow lab.   Um, wrong!  If your house has been like ours this week, things are a little "crazy".  The kids are READY to get back to school, and I am ready to resume a somewhat "normal" schedule!    I love the slower pace of summer, but it's time to welcome Fall.  

You know the old saying "A little goes a long way?"  Well it definitely applies to today's three home decor items. Your home can get some serious mileage out of the "three p's"! 

What are the 3 p's? 

Pillows, patterns, and platters!  

Let's start with pillows: 


Pillows can be used and re-used over and over again.  They DO get their fair share of wear and tear, BUT, there are simple remedies for that.   One such remedy is pillow covers.   Pillow covers are great because they are inexpensive, and come in all sizes, colors, and textures. They can also be washed fairly easily.  Go to Amazon and you'll find hundreds of them.  If you want a pillow with a picture of a schnauzer on it, you'll find it on Amazon. 


Can you guess which pillows above have pillow covers on them?  You can't tell the difference between a pillow cover and a non pillow-covered pillow (say that 5 times fast!).  Covers get the job done.  If you're itching for a color change, try pillow covers.  You already have the pillows, so why buy a brand new one for $40, when you can get a pillow cover for $15-20 (or less!).   

If you are not too concerned about having "high quality" pillows, try the 4-packs or 6-pack pillow covers on Amazon. This is a great way to keep your spending at bay, AND re-create your room with a new color scheme.   Do you have little ones or pets at home?  These pillow cover packs are a no-brainer!  

pillows and texture.jpg

I found this lime green pillow cover on Amazon..  The color and pattern were perfect for a room re-design I was working on, and I couldn't pass it up.  It fit my pillow foam like a glove.   

master bed photos.jpg

Be smart. Be efficient. Try a new color.  It's time to part with those old worn pillows.  Buy pillow covers!   Are your old pillows too flat and dead?  Buy pillow fillers or cushions.  It is still less expensive to do this, than to purchase a brand new throw pillow! 


If you know me, then you know I'm not afraid of pattern. And when a customer wants pattern?  Well, I am ecstatic!   Mixing patterns is key in any space.  It gives a room depth.  It makes a room feel and look finished.  But it does require some basic rules and a plan!  

Want to know my EASY tricks to mixing pattern?   Sign up below and get my FREE pattern guide.  The guide covers the basic tips and tricks I use regularly in my own home, and with customers!   


Find your pattern in fabrics you choose (like curtains, pillows, and rugs).  Try a pop of bold pattern in your dining chairs! Have them re-upholstered by a professional (again, why buy brand new chairs when yours are perfectly great, in good shape, and you still like them?).  

Tip for finding fabric at lower cost:  The awesome fabrics you see above were ALL found at second-hand stores. They were unused by someone, and donated.  And then they came home with me! 

You can also bring in pattern with wall accessories......

abstract wood art.jpg
geometric art.jpg

Or, mix patterns with your throw pillows.....


Try a bold geometric pattern on the floor....


Add some pattern by finding a new throw blanket! Perfect timing for the Fall season ahead....



Platters aren't just for cheese and crackers!  Platters come in tons of designs, shapes, and sizes. They are the best home accessory because of their many uses!  Use them in the kitchen for serving food.  Use them in the living room for magazines or remotes!  Use them on your dresser for your perfumes, or in the bathroom for soaps or candles.  

Multiple. Uses.  And pretty too?   Does it get any better?  Can you tell I'm getting very excited as I type this?  

Stonehouse ottoman.jpg
remote tray.jpg
holiday green tray.jpg

Trays are also great for the holiday season. Serve your guests hot cocoa in these adorable serving trays, or make a little mini holiday drink tray! 

plaid tray.jpg

Interesting fact:  All four of those trays you just saw......were found in second-hand shops, and "updated" into chic, modern decor!  How awesome is that? 


Next time you are out shopping for home accessories and decor, don't forget pillows, patterns, and platters!!!!   You won't be disappointed! 

Pillows, patterns, and platters OH MY!

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