Pink Home Accents for Grown-ups

Pink is an amazing color.  From its subtle hues to its striking bold fuschias, there is no denying that almost everyone can find a pink that suits them.  Pink has evolved into a gender neutral color, and home decor is no exception.  No longer is pink limited to the little girl's nursery or bedroom!   Pink can make a statement in a room when used strategically.  Today I am sharing some ways (big and small) that it can be incorporated into a room.    Here's to pink decor for grown-ups....


Rugs are statement pieces.  They help pull rooms together and are a great way to add pops of color to any room.  No matter what your style is,  somewhere a rug exists that would suit almost every room in your house!  Have you considered a rug with pink in it?  See these examples..... 

So many different patterns and styles can make finding a rug seem overwhelming.  While it's a good idea to incorporate your accent colors in your rug choice, your rug doesn't have to match your decor perfectly. In fact, rugs can enhance the beauty of a room if they DON'T match perfectly!  The non-matching colors in your rug are what provide visual contrast in the room, and help balance the room.  Below you can see how the classic navy balances out the pink and lighter blue hues, making the rug not overly feminine, while still incorporating light, pastel hues. 

The two toned geometric rug below is another good example of incorporating pink, without going overboard.  This rug could serve well in a room with either a masculine or a feminine aesthetic. 


Throw pillows are a simple way to add a punch of pink to your space.  If you are trying pink for the first time, pull it in with a pair of statement throw pillows.  And, if you get tired of pink, pillow covers are a simple solution. On that note, look for pillow covers containing pink in them and cover your already existing throw pillows.  This is a low-cost alternative to spending $30 on a new pillow!  


Considering pink window treatments may cause visions of your childhood room, daughter's room, or your baby girl's nursery, however, pink window treatments can be pulled off in an adult space.  Really!  Whether patterned or solid, dressing up your windows in rich hues of pink and dynamic patterns is sure to create impact in any room!  

TIP:  When trying a new color be careful not to incorporate too many larger pieces in that color (example:  large pink rug and pink curtains, or a pink hutch over a pink rug).  While bold pink accents are great, it can be overdone.   Too much of a good thing can actually confuse the eye. Make your pink accents stand out!  


I love a large statement piece containing a bold accent color, but just as great  (and important) are the smaller accents strategically "sprinkled" throughout a room.  Here are a couple examples of smaller accents that don't scream, "I'm pink, look at me!",  but are still noticed....

Pairing your bold accent pieces with metallic decor is a great way to "tame" down the color pops, but still add dynamic visuals to your space!  And metallic goes with ANY color!  

Now you've seen how 4 home accents can contain the color pink and make a statement in your home.  Check in again this week to see a room with pink accents! And you can also find me on Instagram, where you are sure to see pink accents, and possibly other furniture painting and decorating shenanigans.

Whether you choose subtle hues, or bold shades, pink is a fun color to experiment with.  As a lover of this color, and a mother to three boys, I guarantee it is here to stay.  At least in our household that is!   Go for it.  Try pink this spring.

Cheers.  To pink!  


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