Valentine's Day all year long

Happy Valentine's Day!  I was looking back on previous projects, and realized the true depth of my love for the color we call pink.  Whether it was a customer order, a tutorial, or an inspiring scene I had to snap a picture of,  today it is fitting to share with you some of those "Valentines-ish" photos with you here today!   

Brace yourself for pink galore.   HERE. WE. GO!!!

Ecros Pink: A favorite pink around here.  See this post about a girls' dresser painted in this beautiful pink color here: Pretty in Pink: Girl's Dresser Reveal

More pink paint. This color is called "Hot Pink" by Behr.   A gigantic cabinet is now adorned in this bold pink!  See that post here:  Evolution of a cabinet

A glimpse of the giant cabinet during "reconstruction" in 2015.....

And of course you'll find pink decor somewhere in this this cute bowl....

A while back I shared a tutorial on how to make your own monogram wall art.  Here is pink (is there any other color option for "Nienhuis" monogrammed art?)....You can see that turorial here:  Accessorize your wall with this simple monogrammed wall art tutorial

A splash of pink on the widow panels in my office.  Speaking of these panels.....a few weeks ago I shared a super easy and fun tutorial on creating your own no-sew window panels using this simple trick. Catch that tutorial here:  Easiest window panels this side of the Mason Dixon

Often times before I begin a painting project, I'll take a "flat lay" picture of the paint and supplies against a bold, or patterned backdrop.  Why? Because I cannot resist a freshly opened can of paint against a visually interesting back ground. Check out this bold pink back drop:  

And another "flat lay" picture.....with a patterned back drop, with PINK in it: 

Rolling out this giant pink rug was a treat....

"Ecros pink" by Sherwin Williams make another appearance on this dresser drawer....

Last summer I went to a wedding and what color adorned the chairs?  A gorgeous pink/coral color: 

This geometric table with a splash of hot pink was recently available in my shop, but not anymore!  It's on its way to St Louis! Looking forward to hand-delivering it to an old friend, who we are visiting next month. Thank you, Kelli! 

And you never know what you'll find in my paint supplies.  I love being resourceful with storage, and often use soup cans for my supplies; like you see below.....of course pink fabric was promptly wrapped around a can or two....

And lastly, Novo Decor's LOGO!  It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a......PINK butterfly....Why a butterfly? Butterflies represent new life.  

As you can see, pink has made a regular appearance around here!  I will always love pink and plan to continue my relationship with it for many years to come.   

I hope you liked today's post and find your Valentine vibe today, and every day of the year!