Pretty in Pink: Girl's Dresser Make-Over

Introducing a wonderful little dresser that needs some "girly-ing" up.  The owner requested "pink", and something that will contrast the  light walls.  The dresser has good bones.  It is a well-constructed, quality piece of furniture.   However, it doesn't "fit in" with the rest of the "girly" room and that must change!   

The dresser looked like this when I received it: 

The glossy, unscathed finish on tne dresser's surface will make painting it a dream!  Even so, I still had to sand the surface before applying primer. Tip:  some primers say no sanding required, however, I have learned through conversations with seasoned furniture painters, as well as my own experience, it is wise to sand any piece prior to priming.   

Soon the glossy finish was gone and the priming began....I used a water based primer this time. It goes on much thicker than oil/shellac-based primer.  Crazy.  You'd think it would be the other way around right? 

And now It is ready for paint.  But paint color "inspiration" (which the owner so graciously allowed me to take).....a pillow sham....

Often I find it is the simple things (like a pillow sham) that really help me visualize the direction a piece will go.  Inspiration is key when custom painting a piece.  Patterns, fabric, or the look/feel of the room, are some of the things that inspire me.    And once I have that inspiration, the planning begins.   The planning phase is just about done for this piece (it should be as I've been staring at the pillow sham and dresser all week!)   I can't wait to get started.   Stick around to see what's next.....and as always, a sneak peek and final reveal to follow!  

Do you have a dainty little dresser like this one just waiting to be "re-discovered"?   I'd LOVE to brainstorm ideas with you!    If you'd like to chat or send me a message click HERE

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