Pretty In Pink: Girl's Dresser REVEAL

The day has come.  I look forward to each and every reveal and there is no exception to this one.....this is the dainty dresser that needed some "girly-ing" up!  And girly-ing up it got!  From it's Ecro Pink hue (Thank you Sherwin Williams!), to the fresh silver hardware, this piece is going to look stunning in its home.   I knew it was a great piece before paint, but now its detail and craftsmanship really stand out.  

The photo below is not a true representation of the dresser's "before"  status....I guess I was so excited to get my paws on it and totally forgot to take the "before" shot!  And the photo is a bit blurry.  Again, I was probably dancing around the dresser while snapping photos.   In this photo the dresser had just been sanded,  the drawer pulls were off, and the bottom trim already primed:   

For a smooth sleek appearance, this dresser is covered in two layers of primer, four layers of paint on the drawers, three layers of paint on the rest of the piece, and two layers of polycrylic.   When I opened the can of paint for the first time, I not only did my usual happy dance, but I also performed a cheer, complete with the splits (which is a miracle for me).  I was really excited.   Check out the Ecro Pink glossy glory: 

The original hardware on this piece was updated with silver spray paint. I debated between white and silver.  I am glad I went with the silver.  The gray hues in the room's textiles helped make that decision for me.  And silver against the bold pink is really quite striking.   I regret to inform you I do not have a "before" shot of the hardware.  Huge bummer. The old hardware brassy and worn.   The silver finish has definitely given them a more youthful appearance.   Take a look at the new hardware:

A dresser would not be complete without drawer liner.....

And of course my pieces would not be complete without some type of accessory for photo opportunity!  I was inspired by this bright green vase (or bowl?).  Either way, it is a great green hue with amazing texture and happens to look marvelous atop this dresser.  The color of the dresser below is not a true representation, as I used a different photo editing feature for those photos.  The true color is in the photos above. 

This was such a fun piece to paint.  From its trim work and detail to its bold color, I enjoyed it all.  I've definitely discovered a new pink hue that I LOVE.   At some point you might be seeing this color on a piece of furniture in my own house!  

Are you a fan of pink?  There are so many great variations of pink.  If you are hesitant about trying pink, or any bold color for your furniture, start with a small piece like a side table.   If you love it,  a small piece in a bold hue might be all you need.   Maybe you end up loving it and are ready to go bold with a larger piece?  On the other hand, you might hate it....but at least you didn't paint your 12 foot long buffet table!  

All our experiences with painting and decorating, good or bad, help us learn our style....and styles evolve over time!  Mine sure has.    Have you ever looked at older photos of your home interior and noticed your colors/decor in the background and then asked yourself, "What was I thinking?".  It's happened to us all!     

So go ahead and grab some color samples and choose a color outside your comfort zone!  Have fun with it. 

Do you like bold colors?  Looking for some inspiration?  Want to know how just a little bold can go a long way?  

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