5 key accessories for your home this fall

This past weekend a touch of fall was definitely in the air.  Sitting at soccer and football games, I found myself zipping up my jacket and even putting up the hood.  More fall weather is ahead....and with that comes fall decorating!  What do yo think of when you think of fall decor? Is it the colors? The scents of pumpkin candles and apple pie?   Fall is one of my favorite times of year for decorating. I particularly love adding rustic elements to our home.  

Here are 5 accessories that speak fall, and that you can easily incorporate into your home:

1.  Wood items  

Though 98% of furniture I paint consists of wood, I do leave some wood pieces in all their original wood glory.  Mixing the new with the old creates visual interest in a room, avoiding the "matchy matchy" phenomenon.   Examples include:  

  • Crates
  • frames 
  • Antique furniture
  • Bowls (wooden bowls are ALL over second hand stores) 
  • old lamps with gloriously thick and unique wooden bases.  (place new lampshade on it and you've got yourself a statement lamp ready for Fall)
A 1x4 pine board was cut to size and added to this mirror for a rustic frame.

A 1x4 pine board was cut to size and added to this mirror for a rustic frame.

2.  Wire, or metal items

Wire baskets make killer fall decor.  Uses for these baskets are endless.  The great part about them is they can look super old and rustic, but when you place your new throw blanket inside, the two worlds combine to create decor that's not only gorgeous to look at, but functional too. A total win-win.  Examples of uses for wire baskets or containers include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Holding books
  • Storing extra throw pillows
  • Storing blankets
  • Storing kitchen items like silverware, napkins, or placements

3.  Antique quilts or blankets

If you have beautiful old quilts passed down to you from your family, get them out and display them.  They are too gorgeous not to look at daily! They also add dimension to the room with their rich textures and "cozy" vibe.  Here are some great ideas for using these in your home as decor: 

  • Drape one over your favorite chair
  • Place one on your bed
  • Frame one and hang it up (or no frame at all)

The antiqued appearance of older quilts adds rustic charm to any room.  Your house is sure to ring in the fall season showcasing a gorgeous quilt or blanket.  Oh, and they're great for fall cuddling!  I'm all about multi-purpose use for decor. 

4.  Baskets or basket trays

Wicker, straw, bamboo, jute.  These are natural materials you'll find in a variety of baskets and trays.  And these pieces are EVERYWHERE in second hand stores.  EVERY. WHERE.   The natural materials of this type of decor speak for themselves in the fall season, but, what can you add to make them POP?  

  • Place fresh fruit inside
  • Put together a hot cocoa serving tray 
  • Put extra pillows  or blankets inside
  • For really large baskets, put your fire wood inside
  • Hide those unsightly outlet, plugs, and wires with taller baskets on the floor
Mix both worlds; wood and wicker! 

Mix both worlds; wood and wicker! 

5.  Pottery

Did you know that you can find beautiful pottery for very little cost? Ceramic bowls, vases, mugs, and other dishware in rich, fall colors are all over the shelves at Goodwill. I'm talking heavy-duty pieces! Sometimes I am shocked at what I find, and immediately my happy dance kicks in.   What to do with pottery?

  • Place fall flowers inside them
  • Display a collection of pottery together.   Be open to a unique mix of colors for fall.  They don't have to be traditional fall colors like mustard, rust, red, oranges, and yellows to be considered AWESOME fall decor. 
  • Use it for fresh fruit 
  • Place on top of taller furniture pieces like hutches (see below)

It might seem early to think about fall, but, your fall decorating doesn't have to be time consuming or even involve purchasing NEW items!  Look around your home, in storage, or go to a second-hand store.  I would venture to guess you will find all 5 of these key accessories for your fall home! 

Happy Monday and happy fall decorating! 

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