Have a room screaming for help? Consider these "Do's" and "Dont's"

This post is for all you home-owners who have a room in the house that needs help.  It's that room you can't seem to finish, pull together, or even start......and it's screaming for some attention.   So, what's a home-owner to do?  Eliminate the potential "headaches" and consider these "dont's". 

The "DONT'S".  Do NOT......

  • Go to your favorite store and buy anything and everything that you like. After all, if you like it in the store, you'll like it in your home right?  Not exactly. 
  • Buy new items before you have a plan
  • Go to several stores, buying random items from each 

Although these "dont's" are well intention-ed, they can lead to problems, like impulse buys, inefficiency, and even worse.....results you don't love.  

Then what?

You end up with a plethora of "stuff". Sure you loved it all in the store, but it's not forming a cohesive, finished look for your room.  Those purchases didn't really make sense. 

The root of the problem?  

Let's rewind a bit.  What caused this problem in the first place?  Lack of planning.  

No plan + shopping trip = bad situation

The status of your room?  

Your room is still screaming for help, and you are not happy with the result (even though you just filled it with decor you loved at the store). Your room isn't done.....not even close.  

The Solution 

Good heavens avoid the DONT'S!   Avoid the "dont's" at all costs, and try these DO's: 

The "DO'S":

Develop a Plan.  Here's how: 

  • Take a good look at your room. Figure out what you like and don't like.  
  • Remove the stuff you don't like
  • Look at what's left (the stuff you DO like).   Try different furniture arrangements and move your other "things" around.   Re-locate pictures and other decor in the room. 
  • Now, use those items differently.  Example: use your side table as a plant stand.  Simple, right?  Continue doing this until you're satisfied.  

What do the above "DO'S" tell us?  

When you implement these simple "Do's", you are doing a couple of great things:  

1.  You are thinking outside the box with the "stuff" you already own.  Key words:  "already own".   You'd be amazed at how using your "old" things in new ways can instantly re-create a space. 

2. You are decorating smart and resourcefully

No shopping trip required.   The things you grew tired of in the room before, now seem to be working.    


Because your "things" are being used differently, and are in new locations throughout the room.   Your room feels different. It even looks different.  Your screaming room is starting to quiet down, but there a few more gaps to be filled......

More "DO'S":    

Now, it's time to "shop" out of your own home and look for key items for the room. Remember, consider the FUNCTION/PURPOSE for your room before grabbing random items: 

  • Take a walk through other rooms in the house and look for items you can bring into your "new" room. This may involve a may things, or just a few.  (items like pillows, pictures, throw blankets, etc.) 
  • Go to storage.  Yes that storage space you avoid like the plague.  Those miscellaneous items you forgot you had can be great assets in your newly refreshed room!   It's like brand new decor for ZERO dollars

Hopefully by now your "new" room has gone from annoying screams, to a quiet whisper.

Here is a re-cap of what you did to get here:

  • You've removed all the things you don't like from the room (de-clutter)
  • You've re-arranged the furniture, and other decor in the room
  • You've added things you DO like (and need) from other areas of your home  

And the best part?  You haven't spent a dime yet.  

You are closer!  

Sometimes after all the above steps, a shopping trip IS necessary in order to complete a room.  Here is the final stretch of your "DO's" list:

  • Take a good look at the room now.  Is it missing any pieces that enable the room to serve its function? (example: a chair for the game table).  Are you still wanting a pop of color, even after shopping room to room in the house?  Does your cold wood floor need a rug?  

If you answered "Yes" to these questions, a shopping trip is necessary.  Since you've implemented the above "do's", you are now facing a shopping experience with a PLAN, and consequently, an experience that is hassle-free, and one that leads to a favorable outcome.  

  • Make your LIST.  Write down exactly what you need.  Doing this has eliminated the danger of "impulse" buys, which in turn, will help complete your room the way you truly want it to be completed.  You've taken the time to figure out what you need the room to be, and how you're going to make that happen.  

Get your shopping off on the right foot and "DO"......

  • Look on-line for stores that carry the items you need. This will save time on your shopping excursion.  
  • Order your items on-line. When they are delivered, you'll know exactly what to do with them. 
  • If time is on your side, give second hand store shopping a try.  You never know what treasures you'll find.   If you're lucky, you'll find something on your list AND it'll still be in its original store package. 

Friends, this is a great start at quieting that screaming room.  We've all experienced a room such as this; one that is simply in need of help.  Planning will make the experience more enjoyable, and more successful in the end. 

Best wishes on getting that room of yours to SHUT UP once and for all!!!


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