Your Soul Home

Happy Friday! This week Novo Decor has been sharing ideas and inspiration for our homes.  Whether you have big projects to tackle, or just want tips and tricks for all the "little" projects on the to-do list, I hope you've received a bit of inspiration this week. 

Today we're talking about your soul home. 

soul home blog.png

What's your soul home? 

When your home represents who you are, tells your story, and gives off a look and feel you love, you've got your soul home!  Our soul homes are not something we can create overnight, nor should we!  

Your soul home is an idea that grows with time, the more you think about it.  Never thought about your home as your "soul home"?  Here is a list of questions to ponder, as you consider your home....

  • What does your home tell you about the people who live there? 
  • How does your home make you feel?
  • Why does your home make you feel that way?  
  • Are there rooms that are un-used?  Why? 
  • Do your walls or shelves contain memories of your life? 
  • Do you display things you've collected over the years, that are reminders of a trip or event you are fond of? 
  • Does your home reflect your beliefs?  How? 
  • Does your home reflect your wishes and desires?  How about others that live in your home; are their wishes and desires reflected? 

Your Soul Home: One step closer

Start by answering the above questions, and you're one step closer to uncovering what a soul home means to you, and how it might look. 

And remember, creating your soul home is a lifetime journey; room by room, bit by bit.  

Have a great weekend,