Styling a hutch: 4 simple & actionable tips

Remember the hutch I shared with you this week?  If you missed seeing the post on how a decorating "game changer" happened with that hutch, you can see it at this link:  Painted Hutch + vision = new home office accessory   Today's post features that same hutch, sharing tips to help you decorate any hutch, for any room of the house.  Because seeing an empty piece of furniture like this isn't always easy to visualize in your own home aesthetic!

See what I mean?  

"This is a pretty piece, but what do I do with it? How do I style it?"

When we discover new-found space in our home, and determine how we want a room to function, look or feel, then it's much easier to establish a game plan for the decorating part.  The big game changer with this particular hutch was about just that;  gaining an understanding of a room in the house, and how the piece of furniture would appear in that room.  Seeing the hutch styled was key in developing the overall vision for the space.  And, using decor of all shapes, heights/sizes, colors, and textures achieved this goal!  Here are 4 tips to styling a hutch, shelving unit, built-in, or bookbase: 

1.  Different Shapes

These are examples of pieces of different shapes, that when displayed together, create visual interest


2.  Different Heights/Sizes

Try to vary the size of the items you fill your hutch or shelves with.  These are examples of "sets" but remember, pieces to sets do not always have to be displayed together! Mix it up and place a single tall candle holder next to a stack of books. 

3.  Different Colors

There is really no rule about color on shelves!  You can choose a variety of color in your decor, or, If you are displaying a collection of like-colored items, it can also make an impact. Having a contrasting color as the "backsplash" on your hutch or shelf (like the hutch in this post) can really make those like-colored items stand out.  Here are examples of color variety, and uniform color in decor items:

4. Different Textures

This might be one of the most fun aspects of decorating!  Bringing in texture can be done in many ways, even with hutches and shelves.  These are examples of decor items that contain texture:

And there you have it.  Four simple actionable tips you can implement TODAY with your hutch, or your shelves!   And finally, here is a photo of the same hutch you saw earlier in this post, but styled!  It has personality now because all 4 of today's styling tips were implemented: 

Do you see the different colors, textures, and shapes of the decor?  And the orange background allows them to stand out even more.  

Coming up tomorrow.....if you're a regular reader, you know it's time for Friday Finds!  Join me tomorrow for it!  

Happy almost Friday!!!!   Phew! 


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