Buffet - Doors = New Buffet

I'm back today with "Home decorating projects: GET THEM DONE"   This week's topic is about changing your old furniture into more fun, and useful pieces for your home.  If you missed this week's earlier post about a simple drab to fab dresser transformation, you can see it  HERE

Today we're taking a look at a buffet and how a small change to it made an impact.   So, what did I do to it?  Removed its doors.  (and painted it.....would you expect anything else?)

No "BEFORE" picture available (boo hoo!). It used to be a dark brown buffet with two doors on either side.  Great storage before, great storage now; only more consistent with our home style, and providing a different way to display decor.  Here she is....

The black squares are where the doors used to be.  Now those open cubbies have the capability of displaying a huge variety of "things", from baskets, and ceramic dishes/vases, to books, and cute little flower bouquets.  These open spaces add fun and whimsy to the piece. They are also great for throwing things in there when guests come over....grab a basket, fill, place in the cubby, repeat. 

For all those reasons, I have never regretted taking those doors off.  Here is a look at how the piece has evolved since her "change"....

I like the stack of books in the right cubby.  Not loving the DVD player in the left, but, once again, the open space provides a useful storage area that we can access easily and quickly.  No door to meddle with when putting in a DVD.  That we DO like!

Ok. That picture totally goes against the point I'm trying to make here....storage, displaying decor.   The cubby is empty.  I might have been in between decor changes....very likely. 

Ah.  Decor.  That's more like it. 

Pink flowers.  Bowl of pears.  No surprise there!

And a basket too....

Buffets are gorgeous pieces of furniture that can serve many purposes. After paint and removal of its doors, this particular buffet has been a fun piece to accessorize. From it's large surface on top (that I can sit on!), to its "new" cubbies, the piece is so much spunkier now and better fits the aesthetic of our home.   We love color. We love a bit of whimsy. 

And the doors?  Now they have their own use; shabby chic wall hooks.

Here's to re-creating your old furniture into something prettier, funkier, more consistent with your current style, and useful too!  And remember, paint isn't the only thing that can change a piece of furniture....

Remove a door, or two.....and see where it takes you!