Novo Decor Website gets a make-over: Check it out!

Good morning!  I never thought I'd say this, but I've been busy editing my website.  This statement is coming from a woman who, not too long ago, didn't know what a URL was (if you don't either, it's where a website "lives", the website address).  The task wasn't without some hair-pulling, but, it's nearly complete and today I'm sharing the improvements with you! 

Why the changes and why am I telling you?   The answer is because my website is the true "hub" of my little business, where you get to know me a little better, see my work, and where YOUR stories are told!   I also want my website to be user-friendly, which prompted the changes. 

Today's post briefly highlights the changes, but even better, it includes links so you can see what's new. The all-caps titles below represent each page within my website. This is to familiarize you with the sections and what kind of information you'll get there. 

1.  My Introduction:  (ABOUT page

This is the first page you land on when you go to my website, I've added features to this page including access to my newsletter sign-up, a list of my blog articles, and a contact button, so I'm easy to reach! 

2.  My Products & Services: (SERVICES page) 

Wahoo!  This is a NEW page, indicated by a NEW tab located at the top of my website. Now it's much easier (and faster!) to find my services with a simple click.  Before, it was located in the "SHOP" section, at the bottom of the page.  How in the world would you know where to find that?   Now, when you click the SERVICES tab you'll see 3 categories which detail my services:  1. Painted Furniture  2. Room Design  3. Painted Cabinetry 

3.  A look at my work (PHOTO GALLERY page)

Here is where you get a taste of my style. From painted furniture, home decor and accessories, to styling an entire room, you'll get a feel for my tastes and decorating technique!  Many of the photos you see here are photos of rooms in our own home.....keeps me on my toes!

4.  Blog:  Furniture make-overs, painting/decorating tutorials, tips &tricks (BLOG page)

The blog is where you'll find all my home decorating tips/tricks, tutorials for your own home projects, and furniture make-overs.  I love sharing ideas that will inspire you, and empower you.  It's also fun telling your furniture stories and providing "sneak peeks"! 

Please Note:  The blog is soon to undergo "construction".  Currently when you go to the BLOG tab, the most recent blog article shows.  To view other posts, you can scroll down, but no one wants to scroll forever! And that's what needs tweaking.  You can see a list of all my blog articles on my introduction page HERE     (but for now you still have to scroll. Sorry!)

5.  Updates directly to your mailbox (NEWSLETTER page)

This is where you can subscribe to my newsletter.  I send updates periodically, so I promise not to send you daily, or weekly messages!  The newsletter is a convenient way to get the latest on specials, events, workshops, and other shenanigans Novo Decor is planning. There is now an option to subscribe to my newsletter on every page of the site, so you don't miss it! 

6.  Furniture for Purchase (SHOP)

The shop is where you'll find pieces of furniture that are ready to go!  A brief description and pricing is listed for each piece.  There is also a contact button located here, if you have any questions!  I want to be each to reach.  On-lines ordering is not yet available...but it's on my to-do list! 

7.  Learn to paint and/or decorate:  (WORKSHOPS page)  

Here you'll find basic information about my workshops including types of workshops, and what you'll learn.  Dates are not listed, as my workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year.  When dates and specific workshop information is determined, you will find it all here, and on social media like Facebook. 


Learn about my home consultation services here. At this time, my consults are free of charge!  I've added a CONTACT button on this page, providing you a convenient way to schedule your consultation.   

9.  CONTACT page

Here you can reach me by email, with any questions or inquiries.  I will get back to you as quickly as I can.   

In addition to my website, you can also find me on social media.  There are social media buttons throughout my site that take you directly to my profiles.  Please note: The buttons below are pink on my site.  Big surprise! 

Follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, & Twitter!   

You've probably noticed that Novo Decor is most visible on Facebook.  When I post a blog article, my blog immediately posts the same article to Facebook.  Facebook is a great way to communicate and to share information, but, in all honesty, my website is the true heart of Novo Decor Co.. It is there that you'll learn so much more about how and why YOU might benefit from my services!

Grab a coffee and take a browse......

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