4 ways to decorate for Fall

Fall is here! There are so many beautiful and creative ways to decorate this time of year. Here are some of my favorites....


I love incorporating texture no matter what time of year it is!  But, in fall l think texture plays a huge role in making a room feel warm, and inviting.  Texture can be found in your pillows, baskets, window treatments, centerpieces, rugs, and furniture. My favorite texture is wicker.  Wicker is timeless and adds a pop to any decor scheme.  I love finding different varieties of wicker in thrift shops.  I don't think I have purchased a new basket in ten years!  I almost always walk out of a thrift store with a unique piece of wicker decor. Here are some examples of textured items I love: 

black dresser.jpg


Using artificial (or real) fall foliage is a very easy way to decorate for fall!  You can find artificial leaves and other arrangements in home and craft stores.   Sunflowers make beautiful fall arrangements.   Even a single sunflower arranged with twigs in a vase is a classy way to add a touch of fall to any room.    

Twig wreaths can also be used to add that rustic, outdoor feel to your decor.

fall decor shot.jpg


Fall colors go a long way.  Traditionally we think of oranges, golds/yellows, and reds in fall. If you have those cool summer colors out, now is the time to replace them with warm hues of fall. This simple tip can change the mood and feel of a room!   But, you don't have to use traditional fall colors!   I love the orange and pink combination in the photo below.  

Try a new hue, or choose your favorite fall color as your accent color in a neutral room.   

The rich colors on the piece of art below remind me of fall…

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com

Art made by Art on Artesia. www.artonartesia.com


Rooms that incorporate natural wood tones are especially beautiful in fall.   I like to mix it up by combining painted pieces with wood pieces in their original rich wood tones.

Other ways to incorporate wood tones might include crates or trunks, framed mirrors or photos, bowls, candlesticks, and books/magazine racks.  

abstract wood art.jpg

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Happy fall!  








5 Tried & True Thrifting Rules to live by

Over the years, I've learned quite a bit about how to shop at second-hand stores (aka "thrift shops").  Thrifting can be your best weapon against over-spending on home decor; and believe me, I see this all the time with home owners as they begin decorating a room in their home!   Here's a taste of my tried and true thrifting guidelines....starting with patience.....

Patience is a virtue

If at first you don't succeed, keep going back to thrift shops!   You won't find something you like, every time.  Be patient!  

5 Rules to Live by (when thrifting):

1.  Condition:

Always consider the condition of the piece. No matter what it is, consider whether a "flaw" is fix-able, and even if fix-able, is it worth your time?  When that question takes you too long to answer, it's not the right find.   You'll probably see that exact same piece next week, without any flaws at all (and for half the cost).     

2.  Price:  

If you're a first-timer in thrift shops, you might think something is a "steal" but if you visit these stores enough, you will discover that what you thought was a steal, actually wasn't!   As you become a more seasoned thrifter, you will start setting your own max price limits for certain items.  Yep.  

3.  Usage:  

Ask yourself if it is something you'll use now, or at some point.  If you think something looks cool, don't just buy it because it's $1.99.  will you REALLY use it?  Though this stuff is low-cost, it does add up quickly and soon your home will be overcome with items you don't need!    

4.  Cleanliness Factor:  

Is the piece "clorox-able", or machine washable?  This is a biggie for me. If it is something that cannot be easily cleaned than I may shy away from purchasing it.  Used items are great, and even greater when clean!   Consider the "clean-ability" of the piece, and the time factor in getting that item clean. 

5.  Multi-purpose Items:   

Consider whether an item can be used in a number of ways.  For example, use a cute hand-made ceramic bowl for jewelry, instead of spinach dip (that was a weird example but you get the point).  I have seen some of the cutest accent pieces when used in non-traditional ways.

Thrifting really is an art.  You have to know what you like, and why you like it.  It also helps to know how you'll use it!!!  Happy Thrifting!      

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5 key accessories for your home this fall

This past weekend a touch of fall was definitely in the air.  Sitting at soccer and football games, I found myself zipping up my jacket and even putting up the hood.  More fall weather is ahead....and with that comes fall decorating!  What do yo think of when you think of fall decor? Is it the colors? The scents of pumpkin candles and apple pie?   Fall is one of my favorite times of year for decorating. I particularly love adding rustic elements to our home.  

Here are 5 accessories that speak fall, and that you can easily incorporate into your home:

1.  Wood items  

Though 98% of furniture I paint consists of wood, I do leave some wood pieces in all their original wood glory.  Mixing the new with the old creates visual interest in a room, avoiding the "matchy matchy" phenomenon.   Examples include:  

  • Crates
  • frames 
  • Antique furniture
  • Bowls (wooden bowls are ALL over second hand stores) 
  • old lamps with gloriously thick and unique wooden bases.  (place new lampshade on it and you've got yourself a statement lamp ready for Fall)
A 1x4 pine board was cut to size and added to this mirror for a rustic frame.

A 1x4 pine board was cut to size and added to this mirror for a rustic frame.

2.  Wire, or metal items

Wire baskets make killer fall decor.  Uses for these baskets are endless.  The great part about them is they can look super old and rustic, but when you place your new throw blanket inside, the two worlds combine to create decor that's not only gorgeous to look at, but functional too. A total win-win.  Examples of uses for wire baskets or containers include (but are certainly not limited to):

  • Holding books
  • Storing extra throw pillows
  • Storing blankets
  • Storing kitchen items like silverware, napkins, or placements

3.  Antique quilts or blankets

If you have beautiful old quilts passed down to you from your family, get them out and display them.  They are too gorgeous not to look at daily! They also add dimension to the room with their rich textures and "cozy" vibe.  Here are some great ideas for using these in your home as decor: 

  • Drape one over your favorite chair
  • Place one on your bed
  • Frame one and hang it up (or no frame at all)

The antiqued appearance of older quilts adds rustic charm to any room.  Your house is sure to ring in the fall season showcasing a gorgeous quilt or blanket.  Oh, and they're great for fall cuddling!  I'm all about multi-purpose use for decor. 

4.  Baskets or basket trays

Wicker, straw, bamboo, jute.  These are natural materials you'll find in a variety of baskets and trays.  And these pieces are EVERYWHERE in second hand stores.  EVERY. WHERE.   The natural materials of this type of decor speak for themselves in the fall season, but, what can you add to make them POP?  

  • Place fresh fruit inside
  • Put together a hot cocoa serving tray 
  • Put extra pillows  or blankets inside
  • For really large baskets, put your fire wood inside
  • Hide those unsightly outlet, plugs, and wires with taller baskets on the floor
Mix both worlds; wood and wicker! 

Mix both worlds; wood and wicker! 

5.  Pottery

Did you know that you can find beautiful pottery for very little cost? Ceramic bowls, vases, mugs, and other dishware in rich, fall colors are all over the shelves at Goodwill. I'm talking heavy-duty pieces! Sometimes I am shocked at what I find, and immediately my happy dance kicks in.   What to do with pottery?

  • Place fall flowers inside them
  • Display a collection of pottery together.   Be open to a unique mix of colors for fall.  They don't have to be traditional fall colors like mustard, rust, red, oranges, and yellows to be considered AWESOME fall decor. 
  • Use it for fresh fruit 
  • Place on top of taller furniture pieces like hutches (see below)

It might seem early to think about fall, but, your fall decorating doesn't have to be time consuming or even involve purchasing NEW items!  Look around your home, in storage, or go to a second-hand store.  I would venture to guess you will find all 5 of these key accessories for your fall home! 

Happy Monday and happy fall decorating! 

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Make color happen at home: 5 ways

We are nearing the end of week #4 in the home decorating series.  If you've tuned in and are familiar with the series, that's great! If you're new to it, welcome!  This week is about the little details that shouldn't be forgotten when decorating! Because when all those details of a room are well-planned, and implemented, they can take a room from good to GREAT.  

Today's topic is color.  Color is vital in any room.  Though color can be overwhelming and scary, there are so many smaller, less scary options for bringing in color!  Whether you're a risk taker with color, fear it, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, here are some examples to get you thinking....

1.  Textiles (like pillows, blankets, curtains):

In the above examples the dominant color (the one that takes up most of the room) is light gray, on the walls.  Blue and green accents were pulled in with textiles.  Don't you just love saying that word, "textiles" (the speech pathologist in me talking)

2. Painted Furniture

A painted piece stands out and can communicate a color scheme instantly.    Multiple painted pieces can have the same effect, but be sure to use caution when it's time to add the decor.  Bringing in too many different colors everywhere can confuse the eye/brain. Choose a color scheme, and stick with it.  I typically suggest 3 colors, with a light spattering of other colors.  Great color pops can also include just 1-2 colors....it's all in the design and style of the room, as well as personal tastes and preferences. 

Below, the walls are neutral, leaving room for a bold piece of furniture like that teal chest. Variations of blues and greens are scattered in the room in smaller doses, as seen in the pillows, the lamp, rug, and the decor.....

In the photo below, a small side table was painted lavender, a favorite color of the home-owner.  The same color was incorporated with another small side table in the adjoining room.  Not too much purple, but just enough to pull in one of three accent colors in the room. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

The color scheme for this room was orange, purple, and teal.  Variations of these colors were scattered throughout the room. The walls and furniture are neutral, allowing for more color in the decor/accessories. 

And this dresser was painted in a bold, bright pink to pull out the smaller bright pink accents in the bedroom's bedding.....

3.  Decor/Accessories

Decor and accessories bring in your accent colors. Without them, color schemes would be much more difficult to achieve, and not as fun.  Think of decor for the home like your belt or your awesome scarf that completes an outfit.  Decor is necessary to complete a room. 

Let's take a look at these bright and bold accessories that effectively pull in color:

Pendant lamp shades in a turquoise and white geometric design add color to a kitchen....

A navy blue sunburst mirror showcases the primary accent color in the room, hanging center-stage above the fireplace mantle.

A stack of books is another simple way to add color  If you love books, start displaying them! They add so much color and vibrancy to any room....

Floral arrangements and plants are one of the simplest and most versatile accessories in a room.  They are easy to change out with the turning seasons, and with your evolving color schemes...

4.  Rugs

Don't forget the floor!  Rugs anchor a room, pulling together the upper and lower portions of a room.  When the floor is neglected, the result is a top-heavy room, with all focus on the top half.  Adding a rug provides visual balance, and rich-ens up a room almost instantly.....

5.  Wall Art

The great thing about walls is they can be easily changed. Nothing is permanent (unless you've gone through the ordeal of hanging a 314 pound mirror)  Those pieces we leave be if at all possible.  Aside from those, you have free reign of your walls.  Bringing in color with wall art can do wonders.  When the walls are accessorized, and accessorized well, a room can go from dull to exciting in seconds....... 

Don't be afraid to let your personality show in your wall decor!  Go for color. Try a new color scheme. See where it takes you!!

Color is a detail that matters in any room! It is one of the most important details.  Having a plan for color scheme is imperative, and placing color strategically will take a room from good to great.  

Start small, and work your way up toward something bigger and bolder.   Who knows, one day you may be the proud owner of a bold, lime green hutch.....

To happy times ahead.....with color!   

Need help deciding on a color scheme?  Not sure where to start? Contact me for your FREE home consultation.  Let's figure this color thing out!   

Check out my other blog posts below.....must be nearing 200 of them by now?  That's a lot of blogging....and you know what?  I love creating content to inspire you in your home decorating endeavors! It's a life-long journey, and no one should do it alone! 












Home Decorating Projects: Week #4-Little details; Big Impact

It is week #4, the final week, of my series: Home Decorating Projects: Get them Done!.  I hope you've found some inspiration over the past 3 weeks to get those home projects started....and finished once and for alll!   In case you missed those earlier posts, you can catch a glimpse at the links below:

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Week #3: Just Paint It

This week we're taking a look at all the smaller details that can visually boost our home interior.  Today's post is an introduction to those things.....

Window treatments (panels/curtains)

Don't forget the windows!  Window treatments can seem so permanent and complicated, not to mention pricey.  But, they don't have to! Check in this week to see my simple, low-cost (no-sew!) window panel. Let's get those windows accessorized shall we?

Organizational and other Decor

All our homes get cluttered with "junk" we can't throw away, but don't know what to do with.  Keep those unsightly items hidden with cute organizational containers or bins.   Get a look at some simple tricks I use to keep "stuff" contained....literally!  

Pops of Color

A pop of color is a necessity in any room. Color can be scary for some, but starting with smaller pieces can help alleviate that fear!  Instead of painting a bold wall in your room, try adding a throw blanket, decorative pillows, or a colorful piece of furniture.   See more examples this week on the blog....

We'll wrap up the week with "Pulling it all together". See how two rooms were completely transformed by paying close attention to all the details.  It's the little things that really do take a room from good to great!  

Here's to decorating and beatifying our homes one detail at a time! 

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Buffet - Doors = New Buffet

I'm back today with "Home decorating projects: GET THEM DONE"   This week's topic is about changing your old furniture into more fun, and useful pieces for your home.  If you missed this week's earlier post about a simple drab to fab dresser transformation, you can see it  HERE

Today we're taking a look at a buffet and how a small change to it made an impact.   So, what did I do to it?  Removed its doors.  (and painted it.....would you expect anything else?)

No "BEFORE" picture available (boo hoo!). It used to be a dark brown buffet with two doors on either side.  Great storage before, great storage now; only more consistent with our home style, and providing a different way to display decor.  Here she is....

The black squares are where the doors used to be.  Now those open cubbies have the capability of displaying a huge variety of "things", from baskets, and ceramic dishes/vases, to books, and cute little flower bouquets.  These open spaces add fun and whimsy to the piece. They are also great for throwing things in there when guests come over....grab a basket, fill, place in the cubby, repeat. 

For all those reasons, I have never regretted taking those doors off.  Here is a look at how the piece has evolved since her "change"....

I like the stack of books in the right cubby.  Not loving the DVD player in the left, but, once again, the open space provides a useful storage area that we can access easily and quickly.  No door to meddle with when putting in a DVD.  That we DO like!

Ok. That picture totally goes against the point I'm trying to make here....storage, displaying decor.   The cubby is empty.  I might have been in between decor changes....very likely. 

Ah.  Decor.  That's more like it. 

Pink flowers.  Bowl of pears.  No surprise there!

And a basket too....

Buffets are gorgeous pieces of furniture that can serve many purposes. After paint and removal of its doors, this particular buffet has been a fun piece to accessorize. From it's large surface on top (that I can sit on!), to its "new" cubbies, the piece is so much spunkier now and better fits the aesthetic of our home.   We love color. We love a bit of whimsy. 

And the doors?  Now they have their own use; shabby chic wall hooks.

Here's to re-creating your old furniture into something prettier, funkier, more consistent with your current style, and useful too!  And remember, paint isn't the only thing that can change a piece of furniture....

Remove a door, or two.....and see where it takes you! 













New Room Reveal: Home Office

Not too long ago I shared a post about using furniture in non-traditional ways in order to maximize your living space. If you missed that post, you can take a look at at it HERE   Today I'm sharing the results of a recent room refresh, where the home-owner added a piece of furniture to a room she had never thought of before.  Together we re-created the space into one she can use! 

Here is how it happened.....

Furniture spotted on Instagram.... 

Sam, the home-owner, spotted this painted hutch.   She doubted whether she had any room for it in her home, but when she thought about using her spare room as her home office, she changed her mind!  The hutch could provide the storage she needed, and also display things she likes. 

Accessorizing the hutch...

The hutch was styled for Sam.  Examples of styled shelves were given to her through a shared Pinterest board. This gave me an idea of the look she wanted.  To see the full post on how we styled the hutch, click HERE


Color inspiration came from the hutch (cream/orange).   We also pulled in navy, a color that is relatively new to Sam's home color palate.  The office was already painted in a neutral gray, providing a nice backdrop for wall art. 

Decor and Styling.....

Once the hutch found a place in the room and was styled, Sam realized she needed some support with pulling the room together.  She knew she wanted a rug, a chair/ottoman, additional lighting, and a side table. I pinned examples of these things to our shared Pinterest board (a private board that only Sam and I can see), which helped her decide what style she wanted for the room.  Below were her selections......

A navy blue chair & a "pouf" (aka: ottoman)....

a modern globe floor lamp, geometric shag rug, and a mid-century modern side table... 

The Outcome

With my help and support for developing a vision for un-used space, and finding the pieces necessary to complete the room, Sam now has a use-able and well-accessorized home office. A hassle-free room refresh and a great little home office Sam can be proud of! 

Now for the part you really want to see....the completed room!

On the wall opposite the chair/window, I hung an arrangement of frames and mirrors. The bold frame is coral/orange, not pink as it appears in the photo!  The white frames pop against the gray wall.  Additional seating is beneath this wall arrangement; consisting of two small red-orange chairs.  Sorry no photo of those to share.  Drat! 

I love helping you see the potential in an unused space in your home!   Breaking down the task into steps can help, like Sam did with her home office:  

1.  She added a new piece of furniture she loved (the hutch)  

2.  She established the function for the room (home office) 

3.  She selected the pieces necessary to complete her office (with help from Novo Decor!)

This was a fun room refresh.  Thank you Sam!  I hardly recognize the room now, and I hope you enjoy your new room. 

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Styling a hutch: 4 simple & actionable tips

Remember the hutch I shared with you this week?  If you missed seeing the post on how a decorating "game changer" happened with that hutch, you can see it at this link:  Painted Hutch + vision = new home office accessory   Today's post features that same hutch, sharing tips to help you decorate any hutch, for any room of the house.  Because seeing an empty piece of furniture like this isn't always easy to visualize in your own home aesthetic!

See what I mean?  

"This is a pretty piece, but what do I do with it? How do I style it?"

When we discover new-found space in our home, and determine how we want a room to function, look or feel, then it's much easier to establish a game plan for the decorating part.  The big game changer with this particular hutch was about just that;  gaining an understanding of a room in the house, and how the piece of furniture would appear in that room.  Seeing the hutch styled was key in developing the overall vision for the space.  And, using decor of all shapes, heights/sizes, colors, and textures achieved this goal!  Here are 4 tips to styling a hutch, shelving unit, built-in, or bookbase: 

1.  Different Shapes

These are examples of pieces of different shapes, that when displayed together, create visual interest


2.  Different Heights/Sizes

Try to vary the size of the items you fill your hutch or shelves with.  These are examples of "sets" but remember, pieces to sets do not always have to be displayed together! Mix it up and place a single tall candle holder next to a stack of books. 

3.  Different Colors

There is really no rule about color on shelves!  You can choose a variety of color in your decor, or, If you are displaying a collection of like-colored items, it can also make an impact. Having a contrasting color as the "backsplash" on your hutch or shelf (like the hutch in this post) can really make those like-colored items stand out.  Here are examples of color variety, and uniform color in decor items:

4. Different Textures

This might be one of the most fun aspects of decorating!  Bringing in texture can be done in many ways, even with hutches and shelves.  These are examples of decor items that contain texture:

And there you have it.  Four simple actionable tips you can implement TODAY with your hutch, or your shelves!   And finally, here is a photo of the same hutch you saw earlier in this post, but styled!  It has personality now because all 4 of today's styling tips were implemented: 

Do you see the different colors, textures, and shapes of the decor?  And the orange background allows them to stand out even more.  

Coming up tomorrow.....if you're a regular reader, you know it's time for Friday Finds!  Join me tomorrow for it!  

Happy almost Friday!!!!   Phew! 


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Friday Finds: Hot, chic home decor under $5...Trays!

Another Friday Finds is upon us.  Ready to get the scoop on one of the most simple, versatile, and timeless pieces of home decor?  These are pieces that could be spotted any day of the week, at pretty much any second hand store.........


Trays serve so much more beside food and drinks!  They can be used for just about anything, look nice in any room of the house, and, they can be quite easily "updated" to fit your color scheme.   Here are two examples of trays that were once "One man's trash"....but now, they are "another man's treasure".....and that man could be you my friends.  If you embark on a search for a tray, I can almost guarantee you'll be successful.  See the first example below....


The tray on the left is $19.99 from Target.  The tray on the right:   $2.99 from the Goodwill Store. Practically the same tray.  Note:  It took some digging to find this tray. It was buried under chaos, but persistence paid off.  Sometimes you have to dig deep to discover the treasures!    Trays can also be used for other things like jewelry...

Not all trays are created the same!  Below is an example of a basket tray.  The basket tray on the left is priced at $29.99 and can be found at Target.  The basket tray on the right was snatched up for $1.00!  

Trays are a great decor item for the home.  Once you have trays on your radar, I bet you'll see them everywhere now!  Hahaha!  You're welcome.  But now, you might second guess that tray for $30 when you can find one hiding in the rough for $1.  There really is a method to my thrifting madness!  

Did you know that my room packages include a personal home decor shopping service customized just for you?  Not everyone enjoys shopping, or the "hunt" involved in pulling a room together.  If that describes you, click below and let's connect!

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Up next week........glass vase find!  


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Mixing Decor for a Dynamic Room: Use what you have, thrift, buy new

It is Friday!  Wahoo!  Today completes my series, "The Thrifted Home".  Over the last two weeks I've shared posts on all things thrifted.  From "secrets" to thrift shopping, identifying decor that is worth your time and money, to helpful tips for updating your decor and pulling it all together to create a "new" space, I truly hope you've learned a thing or two and even try it out this spring!  If you missed any of that information and would like to check it out, see the links at the bottom of today's post!

Today I am sharing photos of rooms that contain a mix of decor.  The decor is either,  1.  Items already owned  2.  Items from thrift shops    and 3.   Items newly purchased.  In these pictures, you'll see how using all three types of decor pull a room together.  When you see the photos, can you guess what percentage of each of these three areas make up the room?  For example what percentage of the decor is already owned items, thrifted, or bought new?  I've also broken down each room into parts: furniture, decor, and walls.  So when you view a photo, think of your percentage in each of those categories.  Then scroll down to get the answers below each photo.  Let's get started! 

Example #1: 

Yellow Room:

Furniture:   Already Had   50%          Thrifted   16%          New  33%

Walls:          Already Had   28.5%       Thrifted    42.8%     New  28.5%

Decor:        Already  Had   68%          Thrifted    27.2%     New   4.5%

Example #2: 

Blue Room: 

Furniture:    Already Had  100%        Thrifted:   0%        New:  0%

Walls:           Already Had   60%         Thrifted   40%      New:  0%

Decor:         Already Had    66.6%      Thrifted   26.7%   New:   6.6%

Example #3:  

Living Room

Furniture:       Already Had:  100%      Thrifted:  0%      New: 0%

Decor:            Already Had:  61%          Thrifted:  38.8%     New:  0%

Example #4

Chic "Social" Room:

Furniture:       Already Had:  28.5%         Thrifted:  71.4%       New: 0%

Walls:              Already Had: 25%              Thrifted: 0%            New: 75%

Decor:            Already Had: 47.2%           Thrifted: 41.1%        New: 11.7%

And that, my friends, is what mixing decor looks like!   Did you notice a pattern?  Bottom line is you don't have to purchase everything new to re-create a space!  Additionally, a room with the the majority of its item thrifted, can become a beautiful room!  Try using items you already own.  Look in other rooms of your house, or your storage areas for pieces not being used!  Move them, and re-create your space!  Then, try thrifting.  What can you find that fits into your new room?  How can you update or change it so that it works for your space?  Lastly, what key items must be purchased?   Items I end up purchasing new are usually  pillows, pillow covers, rugs, and window treatments. 

Talk about being resourceful right?  Mixing decor creates a look with character.  The rooms you saw here today were created with planning, time, patience, and vision.  Using some tips I've provided in this series, can you re-create a space in your home that tells your story?  How can you pull all the pieces together for a beautiful, eclectic space?  If you have a room in your home that incorporates a mix of thrifted, updated, and new pieces....I'd love to see them!  Just post them with a comment to   www.facebook.com/novodecorco

AND THAT'S A WRAP!!!  THANK YOU FOR CHECKING IN!  I hope you learned a tip or two from "The Thrifted Home" series!    Are you ready to try something new in your home this Spring? 

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