Friday Finds: Hot chic home decor for uner $5

It's Friday already?  Love the kind of weeks when we find ourselves asking that question! It doesn't happen often in our household (it's more like, "Is it Friday yet?") but, when it happens, I'll take it!  Maybe you feel the same way!?

On Fridays, Novo Decor posts hot chic home decor finds that you can score in your local thrift shops. These finds are all over the place, but it's nice to know they exist, and what exactly to look for in the vast sea of thrift stores.  That's where Friday Finds comes in!  It is your quick guide to hot decor on the market, and how to score it for much less!  This week's find.....


Globes have been around for a long time. In fact, the first globe dates back to 150 b.c. , during the time of the ancient Greeks. They knew the world was a sphere, not flat, so they created the first globe to demonstrate this theory (    A little fact-oid that I bet you didn't know!   My point is, globes aren't new, but have always served a purpose, and in today's post, you will see how they serve as fun decor for any room in the house! 

Comparison Shopping:

Comparison shopping is the most fun part of Friday Finds.  The globe below is from an on-line globe store.  Cost is $64.99.    

The globe below was found at the Goodwill Store.  I was shocked no one got to it before I did!  Cost: $5

Globes can serve as decor in any room of the house.  They are great in bookshelves, on top of bookshelves, on an office desk, on a foyer/entry table, or on a buffet/hutch.  They pull color into the room, and don't have to match a darn thing. They can stand alone, in groups with other globes, or with other decor.  They are also great for adding height to any grouping of decor for a more visually dynamic display.    

See examples of globes as decor: 

There is no right or wrong for where to put your globe.  Experiment with your globe! Go room to room and determine where a little "fun" or "whimsy" can be added to your space! 

In a bathroom

In a bathroom

above a hutch or bookshelf

above a hutch or bookshelf

on a foyer/entry table

on a foyer/entry table

So, on your next shopping excursion, if you happen upon a thrift shop, take a quick perusal and you just might get lucky and find yourself a globe.  Not only do they make great decor, they also provide a quick and fun geography lesson (GPS?  Nah.), if you are so inclined to study our world.  I almost never pass up a globe if it is in good condition.  Okay. I lied. I NEVER pass up a globe if it is in good condition!  And so mustn't you!  

Here's to finding globes and using them as awesome, colorful, and creative decor for ANY room of the house! 

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