Friday Finds: hot chic home decor for under $5

We're back to Friday Finds today and ready to see what chic and current decor exists out there....for a whole lot less!  Where can you find these treasures?  At your local second-hand stores!  But, for successful thrifting excursions, it helps knowing what to look for! And that is what Friday Finds is all about.  Today's find......


I love mirrors.  If you don't currently have mirrors in others rooms besides your bathroom and bedroom, you might want to read on!  Not only do mirrors look great, they make rooms feel larger.  That's important to us here at the little green ranch, because it seems the larger our boys get, the smaller the house gets! 

Comparison Shopping

The mirrors below are from Target and West Elm.  They look great, their price tags don't, with a cost of $200+ combined for this assortment.  Considering how often I like to re-arrange our home interiors, I'm not keen on spending $200 dollars for something that won't stay up for long!  While there is something to be said for spending more on certain items for the home, today's post is all about the wonders of thrifting.  Thrifting allows you to try new things for your home, without breaking the bank.  And then you can go back for more.  Concerned about lack of space or accumulating too much?  Donate right back!  Resourceful. Smart. 

Thrill of the find

The mirrors below are products of thrifting.  These three smaller mirrors totaled $10.  That's about $3 per mirror.  You can find mirrors of all shapes and styles in thrift shops.  Some are huge; and if you spot one, then you've landed yourself an excellent find.  In fact, I found a gigantic frame-less mirror for $20, which still screams for a new "frame".....I foresee another project in my future....and a tutorial for you in 2016! 

Where do I put mirrors? 

Mirrors are also great in gallery walls, above pianos, in hallways, and above accent tables in foyers or entrance areas in the home.   You can't go wrong with them.  They are versatile.  They don't need to "match" your decor, they give the illusion of a larger space, and they stand out in any room.  

If larger mirrors aren't your thing, try a sunburst mirror. They are like wall art, but allow you to check your lipstick.  Pretty and functional!  A win-win.  This sunburst mirror was a do-it-yourself project a few years back.  That tutorial is yet to come.....

Have you ever used mirrors to accessorize a wall?  Do you have a collection of mirrors displayed together?  Show us what you've done &  

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